What are tags and how do I add them?

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What are tags?

Tags are one of many components associated with a candidate’s profile or a Posting. Tags provide you with the ability to easily filter candidates based on a number of categories.

a. Posting tags

Some tags are automatically associated with a candidate.


These tags are based on the Posting that the profile is associated with.

  1. Posting title
  2. Location
  3. Department/team
  4. Work type

Please note: Although these tags are not explicitly displayed in the opportunitys tags section, they are associated with the profile in the background! This means that you cannot manually apply them to the profile. However, they will become visible in this section after the opportunity is archived.



b. Candidate tags by posting

Posting tags are customizable and will be added to the candidate profile when the candidate applies to that posting or is manually added to it. These can be configured from each individual postings editor mode.


c. Source tags

These identify where the candidate came from. Examples include GitHub, Glassdoor, Referral, Posting, Career Fair, Indeed, and AngelList. Much like tags, you can add multiple sources.

    • Custom URL source tags allow you to track candidates that came into Lever through specific specific job board postings or social media campaigns. These unique source tags will allow you to determine exactly which postings and campaigns results in the most effective hiring. This can either be done by creating a custom job board for an individual posting, or by adding "?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=[CustomSource]" to the end of the application redirect link where [CustomSource] is the name of the Job that you would like applied to the candidates that are redirected.

Please note:

Custom Sources can include spaces if the source uses "%20" where you would like a space. For example, "Custom%20Source" would add the source "Custom Source" to applications from the link "https://jobs.lever.co/levertest/b4003d71-96b5-49a1-bcb4-857051f74c0d/apply?lever-origin=applied&lever-source%5B%5D=Custom%20Source".

  • Referral tags are a special type of source tag. Adding “Referral” as a Source Tag allows you to import more information. The person adding the tag will have the option to fill out the referral form and include their name, a rating for the candidate, and a short blurb about how they know each other.

You’ll notice that Referral source tags have the referring User added, drawing special attention to referrals made by your team members.


There is also a special addition beside the opportunity on the candidate's list, as well as within your pipeline at large.

How do I use tags?

We recommend that you work with your team to figure out the best way to use tags. Every company uses tags in a slightly different way and it’s best when everyone is following the same tagging conventions.

Some companies use tags to note previous positions or industries:


Previous employers:

Specific skills:

Need help? Or a second opinion about how you’re using tags?

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