Enabling and using the Pillar integration

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Can only be configured by Super Admins
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The Pillar integration automatically syncs candidate, role, and feedback data between Pillar and Lever.

Setup the integration:

Note: You must be an admin in your Pillar organization to install the Lever integration.

1. In Pillar, go to the settings, and click on the Lever page.

Screenshot of Pillar Settings drop-down. Select Settings.

Screenshot of Lever Integration Page in Pillar. Select Lever.

2. Click the Install Lever Integration button. 

3. You will be redirected to Lever to authorize the integration. Follow the prompts to install, and you will be taken back to Pillar.

4. You will receive a success message indicating that the integration has been installed and redirected back to the Lever integration page in Pillar.

5. On this page you can either import all roles or choose the roles that you would like to sync individually. 

    • Selecting Import all roles will automatically pull all active roles and their candidates into Pillar.

    • Selecting Choose roles individually will only pull candidates for the selected roles into Pillar.

Pillar platform showing role set up page with choose roles individually option selected

How to use the integration:

To use the integration, simply select the roles that you would like to sync, and use Pillar as intended. 

Auto Population of Roles from Lever

To make using Pillar even easier, the integration will automatically update role data from Lever. This data includes:

  • The date the role was opened
  • The date the role was closed (if applicable)
  • The current status of the role
  • The hiring team

Auto Population of Candidates from Lever

Any time a candidate applies to your Lever posting, they will appear in Pillar along with their resume and relevant URLs. If you are using a calendar integration, all of the interviews will be automatically recorded. If not, you can schedule interviews via Pillar.

Automatic Scorecard Completion

During interviews conducted with Pillar, the interviewer can react to skills and questions listed on the scorecard. When the interview is over, Pillar will add the interviewer's feedback directly to Lever.

How to disable the integration:

1. In Pillar, go to Settings > Lever to access the Lever integration page. 

2. Click Uninstall Lever Integration.

3. When prompted, click the Uninstall button.

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