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Filtered is a complete IT competency platform that lets you identify, assess, and develop technical talent. Filtered’s best-in-class assessment tools and in-house domain expertise means that you can identify truly talented data scientists, software engineers, and more, without the need for scanning resumes or worry about fraud. Companies who use Filtered have cut down their times from interview to hire by as much as 20x and eliminated entire phone screens and technical tests from their processes.

The Lever integration with Filtered allows you to seamlessly add Filtered's assessments to a job's interview plan. In this article, we will cover:

  • How to enable the Lever Integration with Filtered

  • How the Lever integration work with Filtered

Setup the integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in order to set up the integration.

  1. Contact Lever Support to enable the Filtered assessment stage for your Lever account. The stage name has to contain the keyword "Filtered", for example: "Filtered assessment"

  2. Contact your Filtered representative (or support@filtered.ai) to set up your Filtered team account to be Lever-integration ready.

  3. Once you have received a confirmation from the Filtered team, Please login to Filtered and go to the settings page: https://app.filtered.ai/settings?tab=compnay and click the connect button, and then use your Lever account to authorize Filtered to communicate with your Lever account.

    Filtered platform company tab showing Lever connect button outlined
  4. Once the above step is done, you will see a green text that says "Lever integration has been activated." this means the integration setup on the Filtered side is all set.

  5. Now switch to Lever, login, go to the settings page, and click "Integrations and API", and switch to the "webhook" tab.

  6. Enable the "Candidate Stage Change" webhook and "Candidate Hired" webhook. ("Candidate Hired" webhook is optional, it enables candidate-hired status to be synced with the Filtered system, so you don't have to manage candidates in two places.)

    Lever webhook configuration tab with green on toggles of candidate stage change and candidate deleted outlined

How to configure the integration:

  1. Log into Filtered, click one of the interviews (assessments) from the list view on the left, and then click the “invite” button. You should be able to see the invite dialog. Click the copy button to copy the link of the interview (assessment) on the dialog.

    Filtered platform with invite candidates modal with copy button next to interview link outlined
  2. Log in to Lever, create a new job or choose an existing job, and then paste the Filtered interview (assessment) link from step 1 as a tag of the chosen job in Lever. This maps the Filtered assessment to the job in Lever.

    Lever job posting with Filtered url in tag section outlined with assessment results outlined
  3. Select a few candidates to consider the job in Lever.

  4. Move those candidates to the "Filtered Assessment" stage. Typically, after a phone screen stage, you will need to select a few candidates who passed the phone screening. Make sure all candidates have at least one email listed in Lever.

    Lever opportunities list with stage dropdown menu and assessment option outlined
  5. All candidates moved to the Filtered assessment stage will get the assessment invitation email from Filtered immediately.

  6. You will see the tags below from the candidates who received the Filtered assessment invitation link.

    Lever opportunity profile with filtered assessment sent tag outlined
  7. Candidates will need to click the link in the email to start the assessment whenever they are ready.

  8. Once the candidate has finished the Filtered assessment, Lever users will be able to check out the assessment result from the candidate's view in Lever. Additional tags and notes will be inserted into the candidate’s record in LeverLever opportunity profile with assessment results outlined

  9. (Optional) If you have the "candidate hired" webhook setup, once you move a candidate to hired status in Lever, the hired status will be synced with Filtered too. This means you don’t have to manage candidates in two places.

How to disable the integration:

1. In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API

2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the Filtered app

3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration

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