Enabling and using the MatchMaster by Employa integration

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The MatchMaster by Employa integration enables you to:

  1. Find tech talent in just a few clicks. Process thousands of potential candidates in no time - with smart resume parsing and clear data visualization you get only the most relevant profiles in an easy-to-read format.
  2. Search with unlimited screening criteria. Apply an unlimited number of criteria to find the best candidate.  
  3. Reveal hidden or missing information in resumes. Check for job-hopping, employment gaps, irrelevant skills, diploma mill, fake companies, probable lies and 20+ other criteria.
  4. Ensure transparent hiring. Get the enhanced “Employa candidate profile” with all the relevant information about the applicant.
  5. Communicate with candidates directly via the Applicant Portal. Keep applicants in the loop during the hiring process and improve your employer brand.

Setup the integration:

Note: Access role must be Super Admin in Lever in order to set up the integration.

To request access to MatchMaster please navigate to the Employa contact us page and fill out the form:

Employa website contact us page

You will be contacted by an Employa Customer Representative. After clarifying details, you will receive an email from the Employa support team with an "Onboarding" URL.

Email showing next steps to set up Employa acccount

Follow the provided "Onboarding'' URL link and you will be redirected to Matchmaster. On the onboarding page, please fill in the "Password" field with a password of your choice, then retype the same password into the "Confirm Password" field. Click Next Step. 

Employa account set up page

On the subsequent page, please choose "Lever" from the ATS drop-down menu. Click Next Step.

Employa account set up page showing lever selected from drop down menu and next step button

On the Welcome pop-up window, please fill in the email and password that you use to authenticate to Lever ATS, or choose the Google or Microsoft accounts as your authentication method. Click Continue.

Lever sign in page with email and password fields

On the Authorize App pop-up, you will see a list of permissions that Matchmaster will be granted. Click on the Accept button after reviewing them.

Lever autorize app modal showing list of permissions and blue accept button

Lever is now integrated with Matchmaster by Employa. Matchmaster by Employa will automatically synchronize active users, open jobs, and candidates assigned to the jobs.  

How to use the integration:

Work with your data from Lever in the MatchMaster by Employa with seamless integration 

When the integration is set up, the MatchMaster by Employa starts automatically importing users, jobs, and applicants from Lever ATS to your organization’s space in the MatchMaster by Employa platform, without any manual actions required. 

The sync with Lever ATS is executed every 15 minutes to ensure you have the latest updates available in Employa. This sync is one-way directional from Lever ATS to MatchMaster by Employa.

Jobs Management 

The system automatically imports “Open” jobs into MatchMaster by Employa. Once the job is imported, you can add an unlimited number of criteria and define the experience requirements for them. Also, MatchMaster by Employa can automatically generate the criteria based on the job description pulled from Lever ATS. 

If you close the job in the Lever ATS platform, it will automatically get closed in the MatchMaster by Employa platform. 

Applicant Processing  

For each of the imported jobs, the system imports the Candidates assigned to the job. Once the prospect is converted to a candidate, the system will import them for the job as well. 

Once you move the job to the Screening status in MatchMaster by Employa, the system starts automatically parsing and processing applicants’ CVs based on the criteria you defined to build a comprehensive matching matrix for you with the most suitable applicants at the top.

MatchMaster by Employa automatically discovers undesired patterns and misleading information in a CV and raises a flag on the applicant’s name to warn you about it. 

When critical information is missing from applications, Matchmaster by Employa automatically generates questions to the applicant based on missing information that is necessary for proper matching. The system will send the questionnaire to the applicant by explicit action from you to ensure that communication with applicants is well-controlled.

Employa platform showing job posting details

Enriched applicant profile

MatchMaster by Employa enriches applicants’ profiles with the most relevant and up-to-date information it harvests from openly accessible resources including links to social networking profiles, information about the companies that they have worked for, institutions that they have studied at, and certifications that they have received. 

Passive candidate search

MatchMiner module of MatchMaster by Employa allows you to screen the ATS database by skills, education, work experience, and other criteria to fill your candidate pipeline with people who want to work for you.

User Management

MatchMaster by Employa automatically imports users of the Lever ATS system with ‘Job Admin’ and ‘Site Admin’ roles and provides them with access to your organization in the MatchMaster by Employa platform. The users with the ‘Site Admin’ role get an ‘Admin’ role assigned by default. Once the user loses access to your organization in the Lever space, they will automatically get deactivated in MatchMaster by Employa. 

Watch the Employa Product Tour on YouTube to understand how you can benefit from using cutting-edge technologies and make recruiting easier and streamline. 

How to disable the integration:

  1. Navigate to your Integrations & API Settings Page in Lever
  2. Under the Authorized Apps tab locate the MatchMaster by Employa app
  3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration
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