Texting Candidates Through Lever Integration Partners and TCPA



This article describes considerations for your business when you choose to integrate Lever with a third party candidate texting provider. For help determining the specific compliance needs for your business, please consult with legal counsel to understand what is required for your particular business.

Lever customers looking to integrate texting functionality with the Lever platform may want to evaluate whether the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), which regulates the use of automatic telephone dialing systems (ATDS) that have the capacity to store and dial or text numbers without human intervention to send ‘unsolicited advertisements’ to consumer, applied to their business. Companies will need to determine if calling and texting candidates requires special explicit consent before a company can contact a candidate.

Recent legal cases suggest that employment communications may not be applicable under the TCPA; however, this may be jurisdiction-specific and subject to change. Each company will need to work with counsel to understand how this applies to their business.

If a Lever customer determines that explicit consent is needed, we recommend utilizing Custom Application Questions to capture consent from candidates. For more information on Custom Application Questions, please refer to our help article on adding custom application questions to job postings.

Lever customers with additional questions about available Lever features can reach out to the Lever Support Team via the Support request form.

Lever's Text Messaging feature offers the ability to send text messages to candidates directly from the Lever platform. Learn more about this feature in our help article on texting candidates from Lever.

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