Using auto-text tokens in emails

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Auto-text tokens are fields of variable text that can be inserted into emails that will change based on parameters such as the users, candidates, and postings associated with the recipient.  Auto-text tokens can be inserted into one-off emails as well as email templates. To add an auto-text token to an email, click the <·> button in the upper-right corner of the email editor and select it from the auto-text token menu. The following pieces of information can be used as auto-text tokens:

  • Candidate's first name
  • Candidate's full name
  • Candidate's phone number
  • Candidate's first source
    • A candidate's opportunity can have multiple source tags, depending on where it came from as well as the means by which it was generated. This auto-text token will pull in the first-ranked source tag. To learn more, refer to our help article on tags.
  • Newest job posting
    • This auto-text token will pull in the posting associated with the opportunity selected at the time the email is composed.
  • Your company name
  • Your first name
  • Your full name
  • Consent link
    • Send this link to candidates in order to capture their consent to having their data retained for the purposes of being contacted about job opportunities, in order to maintain compliance with GDPR; to learn more, refer to our help article on capturing candidate consent
  • Unsubscribe link
    • For candidates who did not directly apply to a job posting, you may wish to share an unsubscribe link to have them consent to, or opt-out of being contacted about future job opportunities. To learn more about data compliance and storage, refer to our help article on relying on legitimate interest

When inserting auto-text tokens into a one-off email, the corresponding piece of information will appear in the email editor.

Lever email editor with arrow pointing to placeholder dropdown list and filled name autotext token in email

When inserting auto-text tokens into an email template, the name of the token appears in the email editor bracketed by double braces. The token is then replaced by the corresponding piece of information when the template is selected during the composition of an email to a specific candidate.

Email template editor showing placeholder dropdown list


The automated confirmation email associated with your job site's application form can only use auto-text tokens for the applicant's first name, full name, your company name, and/or the title of the posting to which they are applying.
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