Enabling the bob integration

Available for Roles Super Admin
Permissions • Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Lever's integration with bob makes it easy to push hired candidate information from Lever into bob, minimizing the time spent with manual data entry. The result is time saved for your team, reduced human error, and a great candidate experience.

Enabling the bob integration

Step 1: Generate an API key in Lever

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the HRIS and onboarding section, and click the bob toggle. The toggle will turn yellow.
  • Click the Generate new key button on the expanded tile and copy the API key in the field that appears. The toggle will turn blue.

HRIS and onboarding section of Integrations list with tile expanded from bob toggle and arrow pointing to Generate new key button.


You will no longer be able to access this specific API key once you click Done or navigate away from this page.

Step 2: Generate a webhook signature token in Lever

  • Navigate to the Webhooks tab from the top of the Integrations and API page.
  • Click + Add webhook under the Candidate Hired toggle and copy the signature token.

Tile expanded from Candidate Hired toggle with arrow pointing to signature token.

Step 3: Configure the integration in bob

  • Open bob and navigate to Settings > Integration > Recruitment Integration.
  • Click Manage on the Lever integration tile.
  • Paste the API key and the webhook signature token from Lever into the corresponding fields on the modal and click the Generate URL & Secret button.

Lever configuration modal on bob Settings page with fields for API key and signature.

  • Copy the generated URL and return to Lever.

Step 4: Activate the integration in Lever

  • Navigate back to the Webhooks tab in the Integrations and API section of your Settings and paste the bob webhook URL into the field beneath the Candidate Hired toggle (the same tile from which you first copied the Lever signature token).

Tile expanded from Candidate Hired toggle with arrow pointing to pasted URL.

  • Flip the Candidate Hired toggle to the 'On' position. The toggle will turn blue to indicate that is has been activated.

Disabling the bob integration

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Scroll to the bob toggle under the HRIS and onboarding heading (the toggle should appear blue). Click to expand the bob integration tile.
  • Click Revoke next to the API key.

Tile expanded from active bob toggle with arrow pointing to Revoke button next to hidden API key.

  • In the modal that appears, click the Revoke key & disable bob button to confirm the action. The toggle appear yellow.
  • Click the bob toggle and then click the Yes, disable button to clear setup details. The toggle will turn grey.

Pop-up extended from yellow bob toggle with button to disable.

Field mapping between Lever and bob

Lever field bob field
Offer direct manager Reports to
Candidate's first email Email
Candidate name First name
Candidate name Last name
Job posting location Site
Job posting department Department
Candidate's first home phone Personal phone
Candidate's first mobile phone Personal mobile
Candidate links Social / Facebook
Candidate links Social / LinkedIn
Candidate links Social / Twitter
Job posting commitment Employment contract
Offered compensation amount Salary / Base salary
Compensation currency Salary / Base salary
Type of earnings Salary / Salary pay period



  • Custom fields from Lever's Offer section will be automatically mapped if they are mapped to a custom field in Bob with the exact same name.
  • Documents: Candidate resume, offer, and other files will be pulled from Lever and stored in the employee's confidential documents.
  • Calculated bob fields are not currently supported, even if the custom field in Lever has the same name (e.g. it is not possible to to map the 'Weekly hours' field in the Employment table in bob because it is a calculated field).

To learn how to add a new hire to bob, refer to hibob's Lever integration help article (note: you will be required to log in with your hibob credentials in order to view the article).

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