Getting started with Lever

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

This article provides a brief introduction to the core workflows you will commonly need to complete as a user of your organization's Lever instance. Refer to the help articles linked in each section for further reading on each workflow.

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Understanding your pipeline

As the main point of action for candidate management, the pipeline serves as the backbone of the LeverTRM platform. The ability to navigate your pipeline with accuracy and agility is a fundamental skill when it comes to using Lever.

Check out the following help articles to learn how the pipeline works and how to navigate it:

Searching the database for candidates

While applying filters enables you to narrow down cohorts of candidates, running a direct search can help you pinpoint specific candidates that you are looking for. Lever's search functionality allows you to use keywords and an array of searchable fields to locate specific candidates (or groups of candidates) in your database. To learn more, check out our help article searching the database for candidates.

Adding candidates

If you serve a recruiter or sourcer function at your organization, you will find yourself regularly adding candidates to Lever. Lever supports a variety of methods for adding candidates to your pipeline to ensure a seamless recruitment workflow.

Check out the following help articles on the different ways you can add candidates to Lever:

Communicating with candidates

Your candidate outreach strategy is integral to drawing candidates into the top of your talent funnel and keeping them engaged over the course of their recruitment journey.

Check out the following help articles on the ways in which Lever can support your outreach efforts:

Communicating with colleagues

Lever's @-mention functionality provides you with an efficient way to communicate with teammates and stakeholders. Tag other Lever users in a note to loop in appropriate parties and even capture quick feedback about a candidate. To learn more, refer to the '@-mentioning users' section of our notes help article.

Submitting interview feedback

Lever makes it easy to prepare for interviews and submit interview feedback quickly. When you are scheduled for an interview with a candidate, you will receive a calendar invitation containing a link to the candidate's feedback form and resume. Check out our help article on using Lever as an Interviewer to learn more.

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