Viewing interview activity on a mobile device


Lever makes it easy to see relevant information about the candidates you interview and seamlessly leave feedback from a mobile device.

Navigate to to view a snapshot of your interview events. These events will be ordered by:

  • Upcoming interviews
  • Overdue feedback
  • Recently completed feedback

Interviews listed on Lever mobile site

Tap into an event to view more details about the candidate associated with your interview. The first section outlines information specific to the scheduled interview.

Interview event on Lever mobile site with feedback form, candidate name and organization, posting, and date and time of interview numbered 1 through 4.

  1. The interview feedback form title that was assigned to you
  2. The candidate name and current/former organizations
  3. The job associated with the candidate's interview. Tap the job to redirect to the job posting.
  4. The interview date, which redirects you to the calendar invitation that you received for the event.

The second section displays personal details about the candidate.

Candidate details on Lever mobile site with resume thumbnail, candidate phone number, files, candidate email address, and candidate LinkedIn URL numbers 1 through 5.

  1. The most recent resume on the candidate's profile is presented as a thumbnail. You can preview and/or download the resume by tapping the document.
  2. The candidate's phone number will be located just below the resume thumbnail. Tapping this will automatically dial the candidate's number.
  3. Older candidate resumes and files will be listed just below the phone number. Resumes can be previewed and downloaded, while files can only be downloaded.
  4. Tapping the candidate's email will initiate an email message from your default email application.
  5. Candidate links will redirect to the respective sites on your browser.

The third section displays profile labels and other relevant user connections to the candidate profile.

Candidate profile labels on Lever mobile site with opportunity stage, origin, sources, tags, owner, and followers numberd 1 through 6.

  1. The candidate's current stage
  2. The candidate's origin
  3. All sources that have been added to the candidate's profile
  4. All tags that have been added to the candidate's profile
  5. The current candidate owner
  6. The number of users following the candidate 

The fourth section displays all jobs that have been added to the candidate's profile. If there are multiple job postings listed, one will be highlighted blue to indicate which job is associated with this interview.

Multiple jobs listed on candidates profile on Lever mobile site.

The final section includes the feedback that you have been assigned for this interview. You can type directly into these fields to complete your feedback, and these edits will be made in real-time on the profile. Tap Start Feedback to be immediately redirected to this feedback area. Once you are done, tap Submit Feedback. If you do not end up completing your feedback, it will be automatically saved, and you can continue where you left off either through the mobile or desktop site.

Feedback form on Lever mobile site.
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