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Lever's integration with Glassdoor has been disabled as of May 26 2021. Read on for details about why this change was made and how it may impact your job postings going forward.

Why was the Glassdoor integration disabled?

Glassdoor’s partnership with Indeed means your postings must be pulled into Indeed's job feed before Indeed can then direct your postings to Glassdoor. As a result, the direct feed that existed between Lever and Glassdoor is no longer needed. Glassdoor shut down its direct feed from Lever on May 31 2021.

What changed?

As of May 26 2021, the Glassdoor integration tile in Lever became greyed out and ceased to function. Posting Lever jobs to Glassdoor requires enabling this function in your Indeed account settings. For full details, refer to Glassdoor's job posting FAQ.

Lever's Indeed integration

Lever now supports a direct integration with Indeed's Job Feed and Indeed Apply functionality. To learn how to enable and use this integration, refer to our Indeed integration help article.

Frequently asked questions

Do you need to have a paid account with Indeed in order to have jobs cross-post from Indeed to Glassdoor?
No. There are no fees or minimum obligations for sponsored jobs from Indeed.

I'm new to Lever (or just had not previously set up a feed from Lever to Glassdoor), how can I have Indeed pickup my public job postings?
Please contact Indeed here and provide your public job site, and Indeed’s team will work with you to begin reading jobs and posting them on Indeed. Please note that Indeed will pull and post all public jobs and does not support opting in or out at the job level.

My Indeed account is cross-posting from Indeed to Glassdoor, will I still see ‘Glassdoor’ appear in Lever as a source tag when an applicant comes from Glassdoor?
No. As Indeed is now the primary point of hosting job postings for both Indeed and Glassdoor, Indeed will be listed as the source value for both Indeed and Glassdoor.

Who should I contact if I have questions about Glassdoor?
Questions related to Glassdoor, including requests to have your publicly listed jobs removed from Indeed, should be directed to Indeed's Support team via the Indeed Employer help center.

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