Enabling and using the Prelude integration

Available for User roles Limited Team Members and above; can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages All Lever packages (excl. Starter package)


The Prelude integration will be deprecated in June 2025. If you are impacted by this deprecation, we advise reaching out to your Prelude contact for more information.

Lever's integration with Prelude allows recruiting teams to schedule complex back-to-back interviews, such as on-sites, without having to manually find the times that work best. Prelude will search calendars and present you with the best options, allowing users to simply select the preferred interview time and instantly sync it back to the calendar in Lever. Readers of this article will learn about:

Enabling the Prelude integration


The following setup steps can only be completed by users with Super Admin access in Lever.

Step 1: Generate an API key in Lever

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the Scheduling section, and click the Prelude toggle.
  • Click the Generate New Key button and copy the key that appears. This key is unique and will not be retrievable once you navigate away from this page.

Step 2: Input the API key in Prelude

Step 3: Activate the integration in Lever

  • Return to Lever and click the Done button on the Prelude integration tile (under the field that you copied the API key from in Step 1). The toggle will turn green to indicate that the integration has been activated.

Using the Prelude integration

When scheduling an interview you in Prelude, you can select candidate opportunities and feedback forms from Lever during the final step of the interview scheduling process. Selecting an opportunity in the Candidate field will cause the interview scheduled in Prelude to appear on the associated candidate's profile in Lever. Selecting a feedback form in the Feedback Template field will add the link to that feedback form to the interview invitation, so the interviewer's feedback can be added directly to Lever.

Interview scheduling editor in Prelude with job posting, candidate, and feedback template fields ciricled.

Once the interview invitation has been sent from Prelude, the interview schedule will be synced over to Lever and will appear on the candidate opportunity profile.

Candidate opportunity profile in Lever with interviews scheduled in Prelude listed in candidate story.

Rescheduling interviews

Any updates you make to scheduled interviews in Prelude, such as changes to the time of the interview or the replacement of interviewers, will be synced over to Lever. To learn more, refer to Prelude's help article on rescheduling interviews.

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