Moving candidates through the hiring process

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Permissions • Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages Lever Basic, LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise

Moving candidates through your hiring process is a workflow that is core to using the LeverTRM platform. Here are a few quick recommendations to help guide you through the process.

Set up your pipeline

LeverTRM's pipeline is designed to give a straightforward visualization of your hiring process. The stages running along the top of each section of your pipeline are meant to mirror the forward progression of candidates through their recruitment journey. If you decide to not move forward with a candidate, you can move their opportunity to the archive.

Close-up of section tabs and stages bar at the top of the pipeline.

Pipeline stages are set up during the implementation of your LeverTRM environment. To learn how to make changes to your pipeline after implementation, refer to our help article on best practices for pipeline customization.

Moving opportunities through stages

Advance opportunities through your pipeline via the stage menu on the opportunity profile.

Close-up of opportunity profile with stage menu expanded.

To advance multiple opportunities to the same stage simultaneously, select their checkboxes in the opportunity list and click the Stage button in the bulk action tool bar.

Multiple opportunities selected in opportunity list and stage menu is expanded from action toolbar.

Hand-off an opportunity to a colleague

Click the Owner menu on the opportunity profile and select another user in your LeverTRM environment to which you wish to transition ownership of the candidate's opportunity.

Close-up of opportunity profile wiht owner field circled.

The new owner will receive an email notifying them of the change. If you change the owner of an opportunity owned by someone else, both the old owner and the new owner will receive email notifications about the change.

Review the complete history of an opportunity

Click the Overview tab at the top of a candidate profile and scroll beneath the opportunity details to review all communications and actions related to the opportunity. Selecting the Notes, Feedback, Emails, and Forms tabs at the top of the candidate profile will filter for specific content related to that opportunity.

Tabs circled at the top of a candidate profile.

To learn more about how to move candidates through the hiring process, register for our Candidate Management Essentials webinar.

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