Migrating data from one Lever instance to another


In the event that you need to move data from one Lever instance to another, the Lever team is able to facilitate this migration for you. Note that data migration between Lever instances is a paid service offered by Lever. Contact your Lever representative to learn about the standard rate for this service.

Before you reach out, please review the following to learn which data types are included in the standard rate migration, which can be migrated at an additional cost, and which data types cannot be migrated.

Included in the standard rate Migrated at an additional cost Cannot be migrated
  • Historical candidates
  • Historical job postings
  • Users
  • Email templates
  • Nurture templates
  • Feedback forms
  • Forms
  • Agencies
  • Offer templates
  • Offer placeholders
  • Offer forms
  • Requisitions
  • Approval workflows
  • Interview plans
  • Departments
  • Teams
  • Locations
  • User account settings
  • Sensitive Information Privileges
  • Link hired profiles
  • Surveys
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) configuration and responses
  • EasyBook links
  • Integrations
  • Automations
  • Custom application questions

All data is migrated manually, and therefore timelines for completion and additional costs will vary depending on the volume of data to be migrated. Estimates will be provided once a member of the Lever team has reviewed the quantity and complexity of the data that you wish to migrate from your Lever instance.

Instance duplication vs data migration

Customers that need to move data that cannot be migrated may consider having their Lever instance duplicated. Instance duplication consists of the replication of all data in a Lever instance (including the data types listed in the 'Cannot be migrated' column of the table above). Instance duplication can be a suitable alternative for organizations looking to split into two instances, where it would be less work to delete unneeded duplicate data than it would be to manually migrate existing data. Customers considering this option should bear in mind that instance duplication entails the creation of a brand new Lever instance and therefore may not be suitable for organizations that have undergone an acquisition. Consult your Lever representative as to the best option for you.

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