Enabling and using the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
• (To use) Manage profiles and view associated postings
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


This article depicts and describes LinkedIn Apply Connect improvements, scheduled to rollout progressively in March 2024. For release information, refer to our Winter 2024 Product Release Notes.

LinkedIn Apply Connect provides a fast and informed experience for Lever customers publishing jobs to LinkedIn. This integration optionally allows for enabling ‘Easy Apply’ on LinkedIn, so jobseekers can apply to Lever postings directly on LinkedIn.

How LinkedIn Apply Connect works

‘Apply Connect’ encompasses a set of features that are designed to strengthen how Lever and LinkedIn integrate throughout the candidate application lifecycle. These features include:

  • Posting jobs from Lever to LinkedIn via API, rather than XML job feeds;
  • Allowing candidates to use LinkedIn’s ‘LinkedIn apply’ to submit applications into Lever directly from LinkedIn (optional)
  • For users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate contracts:
    • ‘Seeing Applicant Highlights’ of LinkedIn applicants within Lever for quick views of LinkedIn profiles
    • Sending 'Applicant Notifications’ about application changes to candidates who applied from LinkedIn (optional)

To learn more about Apply Connect from LinkedIn, please visit LinkedIn Talent Solutions or reach out to your LinkedIn representative. You can read about common help topics in LinkedIn's Apply Connect FAQ help article

Setting up the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration

To setup Apply Connect,

  • Navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  • Expand the ‘Apply Connect’ toggle. This will display details on what this integration includes, as well as a link to LinkedIn’s Terms and Conditions for posting jobs.

Screenshot 2023-06-30 at 9.13.24 AM.png


Starting in February 2024 certain customers will have access to a beta update of the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration. With this update, you will no longer have the ability to select the 'Push all external job postings to LinkedIn by default'. Instead, all public jobs will push to LinkedIn Apply Connect by default. To opt a specific (public) job posting out of pushing to LinkedIn Apply Connect, add #LI-DNI into the body of the job description.
LinkedIn Apply Connect - settings in Lever Janurary 2024.png


  • Click ‘Enable Integration’ may prompt you to sign into LinkedIn Recruiter if you are not already signed in:
Enable LinkedIn Apply Connect modal with button labelled sign in with LinkedIn


Setting up the integration without a LinkedIn Recruiter account

If you do not currently use a LinkedIn Recruiter, you can still enable and use Apply Connect for posting jobs and allowing ‘LinkedIn Apply’; simply select ‘I do not have a LinkedIn Recruiter account’ and you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn Company ID and Company Name:

Enable LinkedIn Appli Connect modal with LinkedIn Company ID and Company Name fields

Once you have entered your LinkedIn Company ID and Company Name, click Enable Integration to return to the Lever setup menu and proceed to set your default choices.

Setting up the integration with a LinkedIn Recruiter account

If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, click Sign-In with LinkedIn to proceed:

Enable LinkedIn Apply Connect window with sign in button outlined.

After successfully signing into LinkedIn Recruiter, you may be prompted to select which Linked Recruiter contract you are using, if more than one contract is actively associated with your account. After selecting your Recruiter contract to use, you will be see a list of the LinkedIn integration modules that are available to you based on your Recruiter contract type.

  • Click to enable ‘Apply Connect’
  • Choose whether or not you would like LinkedIn to send notifications back to applicants as they progress through your Lever pipeline (see further details on Applicant Notifications).

Once clicked, you will see ‘Enabled’ next to ‘Apply Connect’ after it has been successfully enabled on your LinkedIn contract:

Enable LinkedIn Apply Connect window with integration request list; Apply Connect is listed as enabled.


The full set of Apply Connect features is available for LinkedIn Recruiter (Corporate) plans only. If you are currently using LinkedIn Recruiter (Lite), you would need to upgrade to LinkedIn Recruiter (Corporate) in order to see ‘Applicant Highlights’ in Lever and to send ‘Applicant Notifications’ back to LinkedIn applicants automatically.

Enabling Applicant Notifications

For LinkedIn Recruiter users, you have the option to have LinkedIn send notifications to Easy Apply applicants about the status of their application in Lever. With this option selected, LinkedIn will send the following notifications to applicants who applied to postings with Apply Connect enabled. These notifications may be sent by an alert on LinkedIn and/or by email to the candidate, depending on the candidate’s LinkedIn settings. Some candidates may have opted out of receiving any such alerts on their LinkedIn profiles:

  • Application Viewed - When the profile of a LinkedIn applicant has been opened in Lever, LinkedIn will send this notification to the applicant:

Application Viewed notification

  • Application Rejected / Opportunity Archived - When a LinkedIn applicant’s opportunity is archived in Lever, LinkedIn will send a notification to the applicant informing them of this change. LinkedIn adds a waiting period of 3 business days between the ‘Application Viewed' event and the ‘Application Rejected’ event, so that applicants are not receiving these notifications back-to-back. 

Application Rejection notification


If you already send out your own messaging to archived candidates, you may want to turn off ‘Applicant Notifications’ altogether. LinkedIn does not allow for the modification of the message text used in these notifications.

Note that when Apply Connect is enabled, Lever is required to share applicant status changes with LinkedIn irrespective of whether or not you have opted into having LinkedIn send notifications back to candidates. This setting only determines whether or not the status changes Lever sends to LinkedIn are also relayed to candidates.

Choosing your default options

Once you have enabled Apply Connect with your LinkedIn Recruiter contract or your LinkedIn Company ID, set your options for how you would like your Lever postings to behave by default.

LinkedIn Apply Connect integration tile in Lever with both configuration option checkboxes selected.

  • 'Push all external job postings to LinkedIn by default’ -  this means each external posting in Lever will be enabled by default for posting to LinkedIn Apply Connect. This means that the posting will be submitted via LinkedIn’s API. If you are currently submitting your Lever postings to LinkedIn through the LinkedIn XML job feed, you will find this API method faster and more informative for any errors or issues with your posting (see details below on job posting errors). 
  • Enable all external postings for 'LinkedIn Apply' by default' - configure Easy Apply on or off by default for new Lever postings. New postings will be enabled with LinkedIn Easy Apply and accept applicants through LinkedIn’s ‘Apply now’ button. This can still be turned on or off on any individual Lever posting. 

Starting in February 2024 certain customers will have access to a beta update of the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration. With this update, you will no longer have the ability to select the 'Push all external job postings to LinkedIn by default'. Instead, all public jobs will push to LinkedIn Apply Connect by default. To opt a specific (public) job posting out of pushing to LinkedIn Apply Connect, add #LI-DNI into the body of the job description. 

LinkedIn Apply Connect - settings in Lever Janurary 2024.png

Apply Now button

Once you’ve set your configuration options, you have completed setting up Apply Connect and begin using this integration in your Lever postings. You can revisit these integration settings at any time to update your preferences.

Enabling the Apply Connect integration for individual postings in Lever

Once you have successfully enabled Apply Connect, you will now see ‘Apply Connect’ appear on your Lever postings that are enabled for external listing. Posting to LinkedIn via ‘Apply Connect’, as well as the option to allow candidates to use 'Apply now’ will be enabled or disabled by default depending on your integration settings. These options can be updated at any time and will be reflected on LinkedIn once you have saved the posting in Lever.

To learn more about successfully configuring job postings and multi-location job postings for LinkedIn, refer to our article on publishing job postings to LinkedIn.

Check the LinkedIn status of the job posting in the 'Job boards' section of the posting editor. The LinkedIn details include:

  • Listing Status label to the left of 'Apply Connect' indicates the status of your posting to LinkedIn. A green 'Active' label indicates your posting is active on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn posting status - Active, Pending, Failed, or Inactive
  • Promotion Status; indicating whether or not the posting is currently a promoted / sponsored job on LinkedIn
  • Onsite apply status; indicating whether or not the posting is currently setup to have candidates submit their application using LinkedIn’s ‘Easy Apply.
  • Secondary Location(s) errors; status of secondary locations associated with a multi-location job posting.

Additionally, you can choose to check the Allow candidates to complete job applications entirely on LinkedIn box.

LinkedIn Apply Connect option on Lever job posting

  • A yellow 'Pending' label indicates your posting is being processed.

Lever linkedIn settings with yellow warning banner saying This job is currently being processed.

  • A red "Failed" label indicates your Lever posting has failed. Click to expand the ‘Apply Connect’ view to see any details on the error. 

Lever linkedIn settings with red warning banner saying Job could not be synced with LinkedIn.

Viewing ‘Applicant Highlights’ and LinkedIn profiles in Lever 

If you have enabled Apply Connect using a LinkedIn Recruiter contract, you can view popups of applicants' LinkedIn profiles in Lever. These popup widgets are default functionality if you have enabled Apply Connect with a LinkedIn Recruiter contract, and they will appear in two places in Lever, candidate list views and profile views. These views are designed to help recruiters see highlights about candidate applications; clicking on a candidate’s name within a LinkedIn popup is also a quick means of pulling up the candidate’s full LinkedIn profile in a separate browser tab or window.

LinkedIn ‘Applicant Highlights’ in candidate lists

In a candidate list view, Lever will display a LinkedIn icon for all applicants who have either applied on LinkedIn or who have included a LinkedIn profile url in their application. Hover over this icon to display LinkedIn’s ‘Applicant Highlights’ view about the candidate:

Applicant highlights modal in candidate list view in Lever

LinkedIn member views in Lever profiles

When viewing the profile of a LinkedIn applicant in lever, you will see an option to ‘See Applicant Highlights’, which provides a more complete view of the candidate’s LinkedIn profile than was displayed in candidate list views:

Candidate profile with arrow pointing to LinkedIn Apply Connect See Applicant Highlights link

Clicking ‘See Applicant Highlights’ will bring up a scrollable view of the candidate’s LinkedIn profile without having to leave Lever:

Scrollable biew of candidate's LinkedIn profile in Lever

Errors in LinkedIn profile popups

When attempting to view a LinkedIn profile popup in Lever, you may at times encounter an error if Lever was unable to load profile content for the applicant.

Something went wrong error pop-up

There are a few reasons this can occur:

  • The applicant’s settings on LinkedIn have blocked/restricted content from being viewed by the specific LinkedIn user associated with the Lever user.

  • The associated job posting is not published to LinkedIn. With Apply Connect enabled, Lever will attempt to display a LinkedIn profile widget for all applicants who have either applied on LinkedIn or who have included a LinkedIn profile url in their application. If a candidate has included a LinkedIn url for a job that was not published to LinkedIn, you may see an error in displaying their profile highlights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my postings to appear on LinkedIn?

New postings are typically reflected on LinkedIn within 20 - 30 minutes, but could take up to 1 hour depending on volume and validation processing taking place on LinkedIn. Updates to existing Apply Connect postings (including closing a posting) are typically reflected on LinkedIn within 2 - 5 minutes.

Once a posting has been closed in Lever, the posting will remain viewable on LinkedIn by navigating to the posting’s direct url, but it will no longer display on your company’s jobs listings on LinkedIn and it will no longer accept new applications for anyone who may navigate to it directly:

Warning message reading no longer accepting applications on LinkedIn posting.

How do multi-location postings appear with LinkedIn Apply Connect?

You can publish multi-location postings from Lever to LinkedIn, including career site scraping (if you have this configured for your Lever and LinkedIn accounts). For full details on multi location postings visit our help article on creating and managing multi-location postings.

  • For LinkedIn ingestion, only 7 locations for one job posting will be published- 1 primary and up to 6 secondary. Postings with more than 7 locations will publish the first 7 locations to LinkedIn, the rest will be excluded in the order in which they were configured. 
  • When applying on LinkedIn Apply, applicants will be provided the preferred location question. If you have configured the preferred location as mandatory, applicants will need to respond to the question to apply for the posting. Learn more about 
  • If you are not using the Lever integration and have a separate workflow with LinkedIn, please discuss with LinkedIn beforehand on ingesting multi-location jobs.
  • A multi-location posting will be distributed as individual postings for each location advertised in the job. For example, if you have a multi location job in Lever advertised in New York, NY & Austin, TX, LinkedIn will distribute it as two separate jobs. When an applicant applies to either job, they will be redirected to your job site to apply to the same job as originally advertised. 


Note that specific behavior with multi-location postings may be affected by your LinkedIn account settings. Please talk to your LinkedIn rep before you start to create any jobs in Lever.

Please be aware that postings with multiple locations take longer to appear on LinkedIn than postings with a single location, due to additional processing times on LinkedIn. Please allow up to 4 hours for multi-location postings to process fully and appear on LinkedIn.

Can I use custom questions with ‘LinkedIn Apply’?

Yes, you can require ‘LinkedIn apply’ applicants to respond to custom questions as defined on your Lever posting, with the exceptions of ‘File Upload’ and ‘Rating’ questions.

‘LinkedIn apply’ applicants can be required to submit a resume/cover letter file according to your Job Site settings in Lever (see below), and will be presented with any other custom questions you have created on the posting in Lever. ‘LinkedIn apply’ applicants will be need to answer any custom questions marked as ‘Required’ in Lever before they can submit their application from LinkedIn.

Can I require ‘LinkedIn Apply’ applicants to submit a resume?

Yes. Applicants applying directly from LinkedIn will be required to include a resume if your Application Form settings in Lever are set to require a resume.

Will ‘LinkedIn Apply’ capture consent from candidates for contact about future opportunities and GDPR compliance?

Yes, applicants may be asked to provide consent for contact about future opportunities, if your data compliance settings in Lever have been set to collect candidate consent:

Candidate consent question in LinkedIn Apply application process.

While these settings on your Lever-provided job site can be defined to take into account a candidate’s location to determine whether or not consent is required, as Lever does not have access to a LinkedIn. member’s location at the time of their application submission, a consent question will be required for any and all ‘Easy Apply’ applicants if your Lever configuration is enabled.

Will candidates applying through 'LinkedIn Apply' be asked EEO and Diversity survey questions?

Candidates applying directly on LinkedIn will not see EEO or Diversity survey questions when applying. If you have configured your Lever Settings such that EEO and Diversity survey questions are sent to candidates that do not apply through your Lever-hosted job site, then candidates that apply via 'LinkedIn Apply' will be sent the EEO and/or Diversity survey questions when they reach the stage in your Lever pipeline defined in your configuration. To learn how to configure EEO and Diversity survey questions to be sent to applicants that do not apply through your Lever-hosted job site, check out the following help articles:

What happens if I disable ‘LinkedIn Apply’? Will my posting still appear on LinkedIn?

If you no longer want to allow candidates to apply directly from LinkedIn, simply disable this option on the posting in Lever and save your changes. After a few minutes, your posting on LinkedIn will now take applicants to your job site to complete their application. Where candidates previously saw ‘Apply now’, they will now see an ‘Apply’ button that redirects them off LinkedIn:

Apply button

Can I see how many applicants I’m receiving through ‘LinkedIn Apply’ in Lever?

Yes. In addition to having ‘LinkedIn’ as the primary application source, applications received directly from LinkedIn will have an additional application source value of ‘LinkedIn apply’ so that you can monitor applicant volume coming directly from LinkedIn.

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