Spring 2023 Release Notes


Our Spring 2023 Product Release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts beginning in early May 2023. Below you will find the recording of our Spring 2023 Release webinar which took place on April 27 2023 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET, along with descriptions and help articles for each feature included in the release.

Lever Your Way

Tailor how you use Lever to meet your specific business and talent acquisition needs with the following features:

Microsoft enhanced administrator consent (LeverTRM)
This update allows for greater flexibility and control enabling the integration between Lever and Office365. Unlock the ability to combine Admin consent with Lever’s Sync for email. Establish an added layer of security, restricting access to email data for only those who need. Streamline the integration process , control authorization scope and provide increased security and control for admins. To learn more, refer to our help article on configuring authentication between Lever and Office 365.

Configurable roles and permissions (LeverTRM)
Create custom roles and permissions across LeverTRM. Provide appropriate permissions and access to LeverTRM users: owner, admin, team, limited, and interviewer. Customize across key functional areas, such as candidates, forms, pipeline, and scheduling. Apply concrete and conditional parameters allowing greater flexibility in unique situations. To learn more, refer to our help article on creating and managing custom roles.

Approval by proxy (LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced HR add-on)
Streamline approvals and increase efficiency across hiring chains. Approve or reject offers, requisitions, and postings on behalf of direct reports. To learn more, refer to our help article on approving by proxy.

Global consent settings page (LeverTRM)
Remain compliant and obtain consent, regardless of candidate’s location. Set retention settings across all locations. Easily adjust cookie level and anonymization settings to match compliance needs. To learn more, refer to our help article configuring data compliance settings.

Talent Discovery

Candidate texting (Candidate Texting add-on)
Reach candidates instantly and accelerate time to hire. Achieve 1:1 texting with candidates, directly within Lever. Quickly reach out through a widget from the Candidate, Job, or Interview pages. Remain compliant with candidate consent by providing opt-out message from the start. Note: this feature is only available for customers based in the United States or Canada. To learn more about this feature, refer to our candidate texting help article.

Intelligent Insights

Use data to drive success with the following features:

Postings dashboard enhancements (LeverTRM; Advanced Analytics add-on for 'Advanced' page)
Obtain additional insights and drill down into key posting metrics across business lines at a more “executive” level. Highlight the connection between postings and pipeline activity. Quickly understand posting events over time, closed postings, compare unarchived to opportunities to closed postings, and gain agency insights. To learn more, refer to our Postings dashboard help article.

Data Explorer schedule and send (LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced Analytics add-on)
Build, uncover, schedule, and share deep insights across the entire organization. Create recurring reports to automatically update and share at desired times. Provide rendered versions of custom-built dashboards directly to a teammates inbox. To learn more, refer to our help article on managing custom dashboards and Looks.

Data Explorer 'Group' folder (LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced Analytics add-on)
Share and collaborate on custom dashboards and Looks that you have built in Data Explorer. Any custom dashboards or Looks saved to this folder can be viewed and edited by any users with access to Data Explorer, unlocking a powerful alternative sharing method. To learn more, refer to our help article on Data Explorer folders.

Additional reporting fields (LeverTRM for Enterprise or Advanced Analytics add-on)
Dive deeper into the metrics which matter most with new reporting fields in our Data Warehouse schema. Drill down and explore postings in depth - Salary minimum and maximum, salary intervals, salary currency, salary description. Analyze and report on the unique structure of your organization and it’s users - Hiring Manager ID, Job title. Capture unique opportunity referral information - Name of referrer, email address of referrer. To learn more, refer to our Data Warehouse Sync help article.

Connected Experience

Acquiring talent takes an ecosystem.

Data API enhancements (LeverTRM)
Filter by accessRole on /users API, to help API-based integrations accommodate custom roles. To learn more, refer to Lever’s API documentation.

EEO response API endpoints
Retrieve and configure EEO data directly from Lever’s API. Choose to anonymize the data retrieved from Lever’s API. Configure API methods for retrieving response data from EEO questions collected from job sites, API, or from candidate emails. To learn more, refer to Lever’s API documentation.

Partner Ecosystem Tools

Take advantage of Lever's growing integration ecosystem with these new integrated hiring tools. 

New and updated integrations
Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration: Adaface, Aspect, ClearStar, CryptoJobs.co, Genomawork, Glider AI, HireQuotient, HireUp, Hubert, Humbird AI, JobVyne, Kombo, Pave, Sora, SpringVerify, Syftsyft.cc, Transcend, Truto, Wellfound, Würk

For information on minor product updates released outside of our seasonal release windows, check out our 2023 Improvements page and 2023 Bug Fixes.

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