Career Site Builder: Site theme

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member, Interviewer
Limited to 5 users per Lever instance
Packages Standard Career Site Builder

Lever's Career Site Builder allows you to create your own custom career site connected to your Lever environment. You can use the builder to control the look and feel of your career site, ensuring that each candidate's experience aligns with your organization's brand. In this article, you will learn about the Site Theme section of the builder. From the Site Theme section, you can make global changes that affect your entire site. You can customize your site's text, buttons, images, background, and navigation widgets from the design panel. This allows you to quickly and efficiently make sweeping visual changes, reducing design time and keeping your site's style consistent across pages.


Changes that you make to specific widgets or pages will override themes set in the Site Theme panel. We recommend you first decide on a site theme, and then make customizations to parts of your site that you want to stand out or look different than the rest.

Site Theme panel overview

To open the Site Theme panel, in the left panel, click Theme. When the site theme panel is open, the canvas is automatically minimized to 50% view so that the entire canvas is visible while adjusting the site theme settings. If you want to return to 100% canvas view, click the drop down in the top bar and select 100%. The ability to zoom in or out is also available in preview mode.


This section lets you control text for your site, both for text and titles of all sizes (H1 to H6). Changing the font size, style, color, and other edits that will affect the text for all future paragraph and title widgets. To learn more, see our article on theme text.


Colors allow you to define a color palette and link the individual colors to any or all widget with color settings. The color of any element that is linked to the theme colors will automatically be updated when the linked color is changed in the theme colors settings. This allows you to quickly make color changes, which helps reduce design time and ensures your site's style is consistent across pages. To learn how to configure theme colors, see our article on theme colors.


This section lets you control the style of the button widgets on your site. Select one of our button designs and set the background color, border style, and text. Choose other effects like adding rounded corners or shadows to the button.


This section lets you control the style of the image widgets on your site. Select an image using the image picker and add or edit the border style, rounded corners, or shadow effects. To learn more, refer to our help articles on career site builder widgets and how to use the image picker.

Rows and columns

This section allows you to define the theme for row and column design in terms of background color and default spacing. Note that edits that will be made on individual rows will override the global row settings.


This section lets you control Background Style for your site. Choose between using a color or image as your background. Changes also affect the desktop and tablet.

Site layout

Control the site layout navigation on desktop, tablet and mobile. For the desktop version, you can choose from two widths: 960px or 1200px. Note that changing your navigation's layout often affects the behavior of your header and sometimes the rest of your site. If your header suddenly looks incorrect after changing the layout, try a different layout.


Whenever you make major changes to the theme of your site, we advised performing a manual backup a precaution to ensure your work is not lost. To learn how to perform a manual back, refer to our help article on backup sites.
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