Lever Talent Intelligence: Frequently asked questions

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Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions regarding Lever Talent Intelligence (LTI).

Accessing Lever Talent Intelligence

How do I access Lever Talent Intelligence?
Once your account has been provisioned, you will receive a welcome email letting you know you can access LTI. Your username will be your work email, and your password will be auto-generated. You can then access Lever Talent Intelligence via https://tableau.lever.co. Choose the 'Forgot Password' option, and reset your password. If you do not have an account, refer to the following article: Getting a new seat provisioned for Lever Talent Intelligence

Can multiple users log in using the same credential in LTI/Tableau?
No. Seat sharing is strictly prohibited under the terms of service and your account may be suspended or terminated if found in violation.

Can I access LTI dashboards on a mobile device?
Yes. Android and iOS application available via Tableau's website.

Tableau operations

Can I blend my company data with Lever Talent Intelligence data?
You cannot publish blended data to Lever Talent Intelligence (your company data + Lever Talent Intelligence data) in accordance with Tableau's terms of services. You may download the data locally on your machine and blend it there or publish it back to an alternate data store (ie: your company's private instance of Tableau Server).

How do I adjust the column width in a Lever Talent Intelligence report?
Formatting views and dashboards is possible using the desktop version of Tableau. For more information about formatting in Tableau, please visit this Tableau help article. It is not possible to adjust the width of columns using the web view of Tableau. However, if you do not have access to a Tableau Desktop instance, contact our Support team to request assistance editing the width of your report columns.

How do I subscribe to receive scheduled email updates?
You can subscribe to receive updates from Lever Talent Intelligence without having to log into the server. To learn how, refer to Tableau's instructions for creating subscriptions.

How often does the data in Lever Talent Intelligence refresh?
All data in Lever Talent Intelligence is refreshed every day, starting at 5:00 PM PDT. Any actions occurring within Lever after the 5:00 PM PDT cutoff will not appear in the data sets and dashboards until the following day. Fresh data will be available in LTI by 1:00 AM PDT the following day.

What version of Tableau server is Lever Talent Intelligence running on?
Lever Talent Intelligence is currently running on Tableau Server Version 2020.3.

Where can I go to learn how to create my own workbooks and dashboards in Tableau?
Tableau offers a robust training curriculum, free of charge, which covers everything from basic usage to advanced data visualization, the creation of reports, dashboards and analysis. You can find it here: http://www.tableau.com/learn/training

Will worksheets and dashboards that I create and publish back to Lever Talent Intelligence refresh?
Yes. As long as you utilize the provided data sources and publish back to your Lever Talent Intelligence site, your worksheets and dashboards will refresh every 24 hours.

What actions can I take in Tableau using web view?

Creators Explorer Viewers
  • Make new connections to data in the browser
  • Build and publish data sources and workbooks from the browser or Tableau desktop
  • Use Dashboard
  • StartersEverything else that Explorers and Viewers can do
  • Connect to published data sources on the site to create new workbooks
  • Edit and analyze data in published workbooks (Save and Save As options vary based on permissions)
  • Create data alerts and custom views, download content (options vary based on permissions)
  • Everything else that Viewers can do
  • See published and custom views others have created
  • Explore the data in a view using filters and legends, sorting and tooltips
  • Share, comment on, and download content (options vary based on permissions)


To learn more about the Creator, Explorer, and Viewer roles, refer to Tableau's site roles help article. Note, the following actions are not possible in Tableau web view:

  • Editing and overriding another user’s workbook
  • Editing column widths
  • Establishing/modifying relationships between dashboards

For more information, refer to Tableau's help article what actions are possible with web view.


Why is my Lever Talent Intelligence data not updating?
Any actions made in Lever may take up to 24 hours to refresh and be reflected in Lever Talent Intelligence (see the FAQ on data refresh cadence above). On rare occasions, this refresh may not completed as planned. As a result, you might not see new data in your dashboards. We have automated warnings to alert Lever's engineering team when this happens, and these incidents are usually resolved within 24 hours. If your LTI account does not appear to be updated by 1:00 PM PDT the following day, we advise that you contact Lever's Support team.

Why are "null" values appearing in my worksheets and dashboards?
Null values indicate that there is no data in Lever that corresponds with that field. For example, a null value when viewing a workbook broken down by Posting Team would indicate that there are job posting(s) in Lever that have not been assigned to a team.


You can quickly identify the culprit job posting(s) by either drilling into the data within Lever Talent Intelligence or by going to the Jobs page in Lever and looking at all job postings assigned to the 'Unspecified' team. Once you have updated the field(s), the data sources, worksheets, and dashboards within Lever Talent Intelligence will update within 24-48 hours.

What should I do if I receive an error message when attempting to open downloaded workbooks?
For errors using Tableau Desktop, if you are receiving an error message when attempting to open a workbook downloaded from Lever Talent Intelligence, double check to verify that you have installed the latest version of Tableau Desktop. Workbooks can only be opened in Tableau Desktop version 10.1.3 or newer.

For errors using Tableau Reader, when opening a workbook downloaded from Tableau Server in Tableau Reader, the following error might occur: Unknown data source class 'sqlproxy'. This occurs because the workbook is using a live connection to a data source published to Tableau Server. Tableau Reader cannot open workbooks or .twbx files that use a live connection to data. In order to successfully open a downloaded workbook, extract the data from the data source via Tableau Desktop prior to opening the workbook in Tableau Reader.

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