Enabling and using the Lever integration for ADP Workforce Now (June 2023 update)

Available for Roles Super Admin, Admin, Team Member, Limited Team Member
Can only be enabled by Super Admins
Permissions • (To use) Manage profiles and view associated permissions
• (To enable) Manage API credentials and manage integrations
Packages LeverTRM, LeverTRM for Enterprise


This article pertains to the updated version of the Lever integration for ADP Workforce Now releasing in June 2023. This article is meant to provide current users of the integration with information on how the updated version of the integration will work, prior to their granting consent to ADP to migrate to the updated version of the integration in June 2023. For information on the current version Lever's integration for ADP Workforce Now, refer to our ADP integration help article.

As a Platinum ADP Marketplace partner, the Lever integration for ADP Workforce Now seamlessly sends new hire data from Lever to ADP Workforce Now when candidates are hired in Lever. Available information from the candidate profile, requisition, offer, and profile form are pre-populated in ADP’s New Hire Wizard, saving time and improving data entry quality.


The process for enabling this integration requires purchasing a connector in the ADP Marketplace. Note that Lever's integration only supports the United States ADP Marketplace. In addition, this integration cannot be used with ADP Workforce Now Next Generation. If you are using ADP Workforce Now Next Generation, the required connector will not be available for purchase in the ADP Marketplace (see below).

Enabling the integration with ADP Workforce Now

  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API, scroll to the 'HRIS and onboarding' section, and click the ADP Workforce Now toggle.
  • Copy the API key on the integration tile
    • The API Key will be activated and hidden by clicking the Done button. You can click Revoke to generate a new key and void the previous key.
  • Click the Go to ADP Marketplace button to be redirected to the ADP Marketplace.
  • Log into the ADP Marketplace and search for the Lever Connector for ADP Workforce Now (shown below):

Lever Connector in ADP Marketplace

  • Click Learn More, followed by Buy Now on the next screen, and then select an edition to purchase.
  • Before completing the purchase, you must input the Lever API key from your Lever instance. When viewing your cart, click Edit in order to initiate the prompt in which you can enter the API key.

Edit link next to prompt reading Lever requires additional information

  • Once purchased, the purchaser must respond to the automated email from ADP to provide consent.
  • Once consent has been provided, the integration will initiate.
  • In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations and API > Webhooks and scroll to the 'Candidate Hired' webhook toggle
    • If the toggle is off, turn it to the on (green) position
    • If the toggle is already on (because you are using it in another active integration), no action is required

Candidate Hired webhook toggle on

How the integration with ADP Workforce Now works


Lever's integration with ADP Workforce Now works with ADP instances using ADP TotalAccess.

Requisition fields

When the integration with ADP Workforce Now is enabled, new requisition fields will be created in your Lever instance. These requisition fields will be automatically populated with information from your ADP instance, such as ADP job codes and departments. The requisition fields will be synced nightly to reflect any changes to your ADP instance. In order for this data to be sent to ADP, these fields must be attached to a candidate’s requisition. To see a full list of requisition fields, refer to our ADP field mapping article.

ADP profile form

When the integration with ADP Workforce Now is enabled, a new form will be created in your Lever instance. The newly generated form will be tiled 'ADP Integration Form'. In order for a candidate's data to be passed from Lever to ADP with the greatest accuracy, this form should be attached to their profile with all fields filled out. For more details on forms and how to attach them to a candidate profiles, refer to our help article on configuring and using forms.

In the 'ADP Onboarding Template' field on the ADP integration form, select from the onboarding templates in your organization's ADP instance. The lists of onboarding templates, onboarding experiences, and office locations in the dropdown menus are synced daily to reflect what is available in your ADP instance. If no template is selected, the integration will default to the 'ADP Applicant Onboard' template in your ADP instance. If you have not set up the ADP Applicant Onboard template and you do not select a template on the profile form, the integration will fail when attempting to pass candidate data from ADP to Lever.

You can remove any fields from the ADP integration form, with the exception of the onboarding template, onboarding experience, and office location fields (which will regenerate on the form within 24 hours if deleted). We advise against deleting the following fields:

  • Company code
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Hire date

In addition to the fields on the ADP integration form, the integration will pull the necessary information from the opportunity, requisition, and/or offer associated with the candidate. For a full breakdown of how data fields are mapped between Lever and ADP, refer to our ADP field mapping article.


To completely reset the Lever integration with ADP form to its default, delete the form from your Lever instance. A new form with the default configuration will be regenerated in your Lever instance within 24 hours.

Onboarding record generation in ADP

When a candidate's opportunity is archived as 'Hired' in Lever the integration will initiate the generation of a corresponding onboarding record in ADP Workforce Now which will have candidate data pre-populated in the ADP New Hire Wizard.

Opportunity profile for an opportunity archived as 'Hired' in Lever.


Before archiving an opportunity as 'Hired' we recommend checking the fields from which data will be passed on the opportunity, requisition, offer, and/or profile form. The more fields that are present and populated in Lever, the more fields that will be pre-populated in ADP Workforce Now.

Once information transfer is initiated you will see one of two tags on the candidate opportunity in Lever:

  • ADP - Successfully Transferred - This tag will be added when the candidate's information has been successfully passed from Lever to their ADP onboarding record
  • ADP - Failed to Transfer - This tag will be added if the candidate's information failed to pass from Lever to their ADP onboarding record

A note will be added to the candidate's opportunity in Lever when their information is either successfully passed or fails to pass to ADP as a record of the attempt. If the information failed to pass, the note will specify what caused the failure so you can attempt to correct the error.

Re-attempting to pass candidate information to ADP after a failure
If the note indicates a failure to pass information as a result of missing or incompatible information in Lever, you can correct the error and then re-initiate the information transfer by applying a tag with the label 'ADP - Retry' to the hired opportunity. Once you apply the tag, the integration will automatically re-attempt to pass information from Lever to ADP.

Excluding a candidate from the ADP information transfer
When the ADP Workforce Now integration is enabled, Lever will by default attempt to pass candidate information to ADP for all opportunities once they are marked as 'Hired.' To exempt a candidate's opportunity from the ADP information transfer, add a tag with the label 'ADP - Skip' to the opportunity.

Within a few minutes of initiating the process, the corresponding new applicant onboarding record will appear in the 'In-Progress Hires' section of your ADP Workforce Now instance. Users with Practitioner permission in ADP will see the record when they log in to ADP Workforce Now as an Administrator by navigating to Process > HR > Hire/Rehire > In-Progress Hires.

In-Progess Hires list in ADP Workforce Now in which the onboarding record associated with the candidate opportunity shown in the previous image is highlighted.

Clicking into the onboarding record in ADP will reveal the pre-populated information that has been passed from Lever. From here, users with Practitioner permission in ADP can augment the record with additional data before verifying and processing the record.

Expanded view of the onboarding record with candidate data information populated in the corresponding fields

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