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The ClearStar integration will streamline the background screening process for recruiters and candidates. Recruiters can initiate the background check process, which will include an element of candidate engagement, via a ClearStar application, to ensure the capture of all required data and electronically signed documents. Recruiters will have access to background check status updates within Lever. In addition, recruiters and candidates alike can be provided access to the final background check results. Readers of this article will learn the following:

Setting up the ClearStar integration


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration. You must be a team or organization with admin rights in ClearStar to install this integration.

Customers will be asked to create a service account (eg clearstar@customerdomain.com) with Super Admin access to enable the integration. The role level can be downgraded after enablement is complete to restrict access. Please review Lever-ClearStar Enablement Procedure:Service Account document attached at the bottom of this article. 

Integration Request Process

1. Customer to coordinate with ClearStar for the following details: 

  • Service Package(s) to be available with the Lever integration 
  • Accounts/Customer(s) to be available with the Lever integration 
  • Contacts as it relates to integration configuration   
  • Contacts as it relates to training, if needed 
  • Outline requirements based on service package(s) 
  • Define the candidate experience 

2. Customer to add packages in the Job posting (as a tag) on Lever

3. Customer to provide temporary credentials for Lever to their ClearStar implementation manager to configure the oAuth.  The credentials can be removed after the integration setup is complete. 

Configuring the ClearStar integration

Configuring the webhook

To integrate ClearStar with Lever, you need to create a webhook in the Lever. 

Candidate stage change webhook tile in Lever

There are some specific settings to be done in the ClearStar application => “ScreenMeNow” (SMN). These settings will be fulfilled by the ClearStar Implementation Team.

Configuring the Package Tags

Two important things for the integrations will be managed by using tags:

  1. The package/s
  2. The status for changes on the background check process

The Package/s can be configured on the job posting or directly on the candidate opportunity on Lever, using the following syntax:

  • CS - [PackageName]

The status changes will be created and visualized automatically on the Candidate page in Lever and within the candidate opportunity.

Field Mapping to Clearstar

To ensure proper data mapping from Lever to Clearstar, it will be necessary to upload the candidate's resume to the Lever opportunity so that the candidate information can be used for the integration:

Candidate Data: The integration requires the following candidate data:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email address

All available personal information that can be retrieved from the candidate’s resume will be passed through the integration and pre-populated onto the Clearstar application. For example: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc.

Employment and Education: Employment and Education information will be passed through the integration and pre-populated onto the Clearstar application.

Using the ClearStar integration

Workflow summary

Below is a brief overview of the workflow steps for the Lever to Clearstar integration:

  1. Create a candidate in Lever
  2. Upload candidate’s resume
  3. Add the tag for the package to be used
    • To streamline package tagging, the tag can be configured on the job posting. Once configured, the package tag will be applied to all associated candidate opportunities. 
  4. Move the candidate to the stage selected to trigger the background check
  5. Background check is initiated
  6. Candidate receives email invitation
  7. Status change tag added to the candidate's opportunity in Lever
  8. Candidate completes background check information
  9. Status change tag updated on the candidate's opportunity in Lever
  10. Background check vendor works on order(s) / screening(s)
  11. Background check vendor completes profile background check
  12. Candidate's opportunity is updated with the completed statuses and options
  13. Report link generated and added to the candidate's opportunity in Lever

Background check workflow steps

Each client will need to have a candidate workflow step that will trigger the ClearStar background check. The default workflow steps supported by ClearStar for Lever creates a new candidate and then searches for it to perform the flow to submit the background check.

  • Create a candidate
  • In Lever, navigate to Candidates > + Add Candidate > Add Manually

Menu extending from Add Candidate in Lever platform header with options to Add Manually, Add Referral, and Bulk Import Candidates

  • Complete the following:
    • Add name
    • Add organization
    • Select a job posting to assign to the candidate
  • Add resume
  • Add package tag (example below)

Close up of a package tag added to candidate opportunity in Lever

  • Move the candidate to the stage selected to trigger the background check (e.g. “Offer”)
  • The integration adds the "In Progress - Candidate" tag, indicating that the candidate has started the background check process. 

Close up of tag on candidate opportunity in Lever labelled In Progress - Candidate

  • Once the candidate has finished the process, a status change is posted to Lever meaning that the vendor started the work on order(s) / screening(s) (i.e. “In Progress - Vendor”)

Close up of tag on candidate opportunity in Lever labelled In Progress - Vendor

  • Once the background check is finalized, the integration will update the Lever opportunity with a status change tag, view status and URL report link. 

Status change tags:

  • In Progress – Candidate
  • In Progress – Vendor
  • Complete
  • Complete – Not Eligible
  • Complete – Eligible
  • Complete – Decisional
  • Complete – Needs Review

Close up of tag on candidate opportunity in Lever labelled Complete - Needs Review

URL report link:

Report link outlined in Notes section of candidate's profile in Lever

Report example

Example of a ClearStar report

Disabling the ClearStar integration

  1. In Lever navigate to Settings > Integrations and API
  2. Under the 'Authorized Apps' tab, locate the ClearStar app
  3. Click Revoke Access to disable the integration
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