Improvements 2023


The following is a list of feature improvements released in 2023 outside of Lever's major seasonal release windows. Improvements are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent improvements listed at the top:

DocuSign integration update (LeverTRM)

If you are experiencing 'Invalid grant' or errors indicating authorization failures in using your DocuSign integration, you can reset and re-authorize your DocuSign integration. These errors can occur when changes made on your DocuSign account, such as configurations or user permissions, cause your integration's authorization to become invalid. The DocuSign 'Reset Authorization' button in your Lever settings will remove the previous authorization details stored in your Lever account and allow you to  re-authorize the integration.

Email Editor Update (LeverTRM)

We have since deployed a change to correct the wider spacing between lines observed in email templates and emails from the release of Lever's new email editor in March 2023. Following the change:

  • When a user creates an email or email template, they will not see the problematic wide spacing between the lines
  • Unwanted empty lines can be deleted directly in the email editor or email template editor
  • If a user cannot delete unwanted spacing, it should be fixed by highlighting the section and clicking 'Paragraph' again

This change will not retroactively update existing templates.

hcaptcha upgrade (LeverTRM)
We have upgraded our hcaptcha implementation with even stricter privacy controls. With this upgrade, applicants will be verified without having to complete an hcaptcha challenge 99.9% of the time when submitting applications. In addition to improved privacy, this upgrade also provides a more seamless applicant experience.

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