Bug Fixes 2023


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2023. Scroll within the table to view the full list of resolved bugs. Use a keyword search (⌘ + F  on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a Windows computer) to locate a specific bug fix in the list.

Date Fix Description
January 3 Resolved an issue preventing the completion of the Job Posting export in Visual Insights.
January 10 Resolved an issue causing inaccurate dates to appear in the 'Offered Start Date' field in the Referrals export in Visual Insights.

Resolved an causing emails sent via Office 365 from syncing to candidates' profiles.
January 11 Resolved issue causing archived candidates to appear as not being archived on the Pipeline dashboard in Visual Insights.
January 12 Resolved issue causing the 'Offers' settings page to not appear for some users.

Resolved issue preventing users from deactivating other users due to not having access to "googleId" or "microsoftId."
January 18 Resolved issue causing archived candidates to appear on the 'All opportunities in pipeline' chart on the Current Operations - Team View page of the Recruiter Operations dashboard in Visual Insights for users on the EU data center.

Resolved an issue preventing users with Admin level access from adding new users with Interviewer level access.
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