How do I direct candidates from LinkedIn Paid Postings to Lever?

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If your company has turned on the integration to push all your jobs to LinkedIn but you've already posted some jobs through LinkedIn's Limited or Premium flow, the jobs will be de-duped by Title, location, company name and Job posting ID. 
Job postings coming from the XML feed will be given lower priority than Premium (Paid) jobs if de-duped to a Premium posting, and thus the Premium posting will remain even though the Limited (free) job was de-duped. 
Just make sure that your premium postings on LinkedIn are directing applicants to apply through Lever's source tracking link. You can generate this link by doing the following:

1. Go to your job postings page

2. Find the posting for which you need to create a custom tracking URL.

3. On the settings tab, click "+ Add a job board."

4. Type "LinkedIn Premium" from the dropdown menu.

5. Copy the URL in #3:

Go to "Manage jobs" on your LinkedIn Recruiter account and go to your premium posting. Under "How would you like people to apply", paste the Lever tracking URL where it says "Direct applicants to an external site to apply."

What if I want to convert the job posting into a paid posting on LinkedIn?

Please note that the job postings will go through as Limited postings so they won’t actually take up any of your paid slots. So if you want to use Paid LinkedIn, you will still need to manually create Premium postings here:

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