How do I set up reference checks for candidates using Xref?

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The Xref + Lever integration allows you to easily initiate reference checks in Xref for your candidates in Lever. 

Setup the integration:

1. Turn on the integration & generate API key

Navigate to Lever's integrations settings page, scroll down to the “Background checks” section, and click on the Xref toggle. It will expand, and you’ll be prompted to generate an API key - save it somewhere, and make sure you keep it secure - you will not have access to it again once you click “Done”!


2. Generate your webhook signing token

Navigate to the Webhooks tab on the integrations page:Scroll down, and under “Webhook signing token”, copy your signature token

3. Enable the integration in Xref

Now that you have your API key and webhook signing token, log into your Xref account and visit the Xref integrations page. Find the Lever tile, and click the "Request Connection" button. This will alert your Xref Customer Success Manager that you've requested to enable this integration.


You will also need to tell your Xref Customer Success Manager the specific stage in Lever at which you would like to trigger reference checks for candidates.  If you need create a new stage, you can request this by submitting a ticket to our support team here.

Once your Xref Customer Success Manager enables the connection, the tile will become activated in Xref and you'll see a "Settings" button. 


Clicking the "Settings" button will display a modal that prompts you to enter your API key and webhook signing token from Lever. Input this information and click "Save."



4. Add Xref Webhook URL to Lever

Your Xref Customer Success Manager will be notified when you save these changes and will provide you with an Xref Webhook URL. You will use this webhook URL to generate a webhook token for candidate stage changes within Lever. This means that your candidates will be pushed from Lever to Xref as soon as they’re moved into a designated stage of your choosing.

Go to the Webhooks tab on the integrations page in Lever, click on the toggle for Candidate Stage Change, click "+Add webhook" and type in the webhook URL provided to you by Xref. Make sure the toggle for Candidate Stage Change is turned on.

5. Add Xref Webhook URL to Lever


Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help setup your Xref integration!  

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