How do I add a candidate to Lever from LinkedIn Recruiter?

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Lever's integration with LinkedIn Recruiter lets you export candidates directly from LinkedIn to Lever, so you can spend less time on data entry, and more time sourcing! Candidates are added with all of their historical InMails and Notes so you can see every interaction the candidate has had with your recruiting team.

In this help article, we'll cover the two ways you can export candidates directly from LinkedIn Recruiter to Lever.

If you're looking for help setting up the integration, you can find instructions here.

#1 - 1-Click Export

When viewing a candidate in Recruiter, you'll see a text field where you can search for postings in Lever to associate with the candidate.


In this case, we're sourcing for Product Manager roles, so the entry looks like:


Once you've selected the relevant posting, click "Export” to send the candidate to Lever. The candidate will be created with an application for the selected posting, and will be in the "New Lead" stage with the following fields:

  • First & last name
  • Employer Name
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Headline
  • Location
  • ...and any Recruiter Notes or InMails
Please note: If you previously exported the candidate to a different job (or the same job), or a Lever candidate was already connected to the LinkedIn profile, the new application will be added to the pre-existing profile. Additionally, the candidate will retain it's current pipeline stage.

#2 - InMail Response

When a candidate receives a new inMail from you, they'll see options to reply:




If they select 'Yes', they'll have the option to include their e-mail and phone number:


Once they select 'Yes, please share', a candidate profile will be automatically created in Lever with the following fields:

  • First and last name
  • Location
  • E-mail Address + Phone number (if provided by the candidate)
  • Position
  • ...and any Recruiter Notes or InMails

If the candidate selects 'No thanks' and has not yet been connected to Lever, a candidate profile stub will be created in Lever with their name, the message and a connection to their LinkedIn profile.

If the candidate already exists in Lever and has been LinkedIn Recruiter connected, we'll sync their new InMails to their existing profile.

Please note:If you have a candidate in LinkedIn Recruiter who has responded to an inMail, but for which you have not created a Lever profile, a Lever profile may be created during the data sync with the above fields

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