How do I enable Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect (RSC)?

Available for User roles Must be a Super Admin on your Lever Hire account, and an Admin of your LinkedIn Recruiter Account in order to configure this integration
Plan Enterprise, Professional

Please note: In order to configure this integration, you must be a Super Admin on your Lever Account, and an Admin of your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Additionally, Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is only available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition or LinkedIn Professional Services, and Lever Legacy, Professional, or Enterprise Edition. To find out your LinkedIn Recruiter edition, first login to LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn logo includes "Recruiter," you are using Recruiter Corporate Edition. If the logo includes "Recruiter Lite," you are using Recruiter Lite Edition.

Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter will help you and your team work much more quickly and seamlessly across both platforms. For all LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition users:
  • Candidates in Lever and LinkedIn Recruiter will be connected through recruiter system connect between the two solutions, saving you time and keeping you informed wherever you are working.
  • Within Lever, you will be able to view the candidate’s current LinkedIn profile. Within LinkedIn Recruiter, you will also be able to see candidates that are already in the Lever via an "in-ATS" badge.
  • All of your LinkedIn Recruiter Notes and InMails will be visible directly in Lever for a complete view of all your candidate interactions. You’ll also be able to click within Lever to send an InMail.
  • All data on your Recruiter contract will sync to Lever, regardless of whether the associated recruiter is in Lever or not, or has had their seat linked (more on that below).
  • When a candidate responds to a recruiter's InMails,  a profile is created within Lever.


Step 1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Under "Partner Integrations", enable Recruiter System Connect.


  The toggle icon will turn orange, and the row will expand:


Click "Begin Setup" to get started.

Step 2. Next, you'll need to request access from LinkedIn. If you're not already logged into your LinkedIn account in your browser, we'll ask you to enter your LinkedIn credentials in a pop-up, and to select the correct Recruiter contract.

Then, we'll show you the option to request the RSC integration  by clicking the "Request" button:


After the click, we'll confirm that LinkedIn has granted the correct access. Click "Go Back" after the click, and the "Request" button will be replaced by a  "Partner Ready" checkmark. Click "Next".

Step  3You'll be brought to the "Enable Integration" step:


First, click "Enable In LinkedIn". This will open a new tab, and will direct you to the settings section of LinkedIn Recruiter. From there, select the appropriate contract, select the "ATS" tab, and enable both the company and contract level access toggles:


Once you've enabled both, you can close your tab, and navigate back to Lever. Now, click "Check Integration Status". The statuses will change to enabled. Click "Next":


Step 4. Match the LinkedIn user on the left to a Lever user using the drop-downs:


You can always come back and add new mappings, or change existing mappings. Once done, click "Done Linking Seats" - we'll warn you of any unlinked seats, but you can continue anyways.

Step 5. You are now ready to begin the historical data sync. This typically takes less than 30 minutes, but can take up to 2 hours for accounts with a large number of candidate records. You will not be able to use the integration until the sync is complete.

Once ready to begin, click "Begin Sync":


Tip: You can navigate away from the page while the sync is active - we'll notify you in-app when completed!

If there are errors in the sync, you will be able to click "Retry" - if the problem persists after a few attempts, please submit a support request and we'll investigate further.

Once complete, you can now use all of the functionality of our LinkedIn Recruiter Integration, and all of your historical data will be available across systems.

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