How do I use Nurture Recommendations?

Available for User roles Limited Team Members, Team Members, Admins, Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Nurture Recommendations intelligently resurfaces high-value past candidates who fit open roles, helping organizations kickstart the hiring process and get more from their existing talent community.

How does it work?

Nurture Recommendations relies on Lever’s proprietary algorithm to resurface your best past applicants so you can source them for new and open roles. Candidate recommendations are generated using an algorithm that takes into consideration a weighted combination of different criteria, including but not limited to feedback form scores, notes, archive reasons, previous job postings, stage progression (i.e., how far they got in the process), referrals, and origins.

For a past applicant to be resurfaced through Nurture Recommendations, they must be currently archived and cannot be currently snoozed or hired. 

How do I access Nurture Recommendations?

To see a list of recommended candidates, start by navigating to the Candidates section of Lever. From there, you’ll see an icon for "Recommendations" in the top right corner. Now, filter your candidate list by a job posting that you’re trying to source new candidates for. Once you’ve selected a posting, the "Recommendations" icon will turn blue. Now, click "Recommendations" to view candidates for the selected posting. Limited Team Members will only see candidates they have permission to view in their recommendations.


Tip: You can still click on the "Recommendations" tab even when the icon has not turned blue. This just means you haven't applied a job posting filter, and will be asked to select a job posting that you want to see recommendations for after you click the tab. 


The first thing you’ll see on the recommendations page is the job posting you're currently viewing recommendations for. Lever’s algorithm looks through past applicants for that job to find qualified candidates. In the table below, Lever ranks the candidates by quality. We also surface critical candidate details that help you determine (or remember!) how good a candidate is. These include:

  • Archive Reason
  • Reached Stage
  • Last Contact
  • Keywords

You can further refine the list of recommendations using a number of different filters. Using these filters will allow you to quickly narrow your results.


Tip: If you see a LinkedIn icon next to the candidate name, we’ve detected a LinkedIn link on the candidate profile - click it to open their LinkedIn profile in a new tab! 

From the list of recommendations, you can click on a candidate name to open the candidate’s profile. The profile viewer lets you quickly click through all of your recommendations - you’ll see a counter on the left side letting you know how many candidates you are viewing.



Tip: Candidates you’ve Nurtured via Nurture Recommendations are not tracked independently. If you'd like to keep track of how well your Nurture campaigns do with recommended candidates, we suggest making a copy of the relevant Nurture campaign and adding them to it - that way, you can compare response rates for recommended candidates vs. non-recommended candidates.

If you see a candidate that you don’t think is a good fit for the role, hover over the end of the candidate’s row and you’ll see an "X" - click it to dismiss that candidate. This prevents that candidate from showing up on your recommendations for that particular job posting going forward. However, other recruiters looking at recommendations for the same posting will still see the candidate in their lists.

How do I get more recommendations?

Whether you are sourcing for a new job that has no past applicants, or for a job that doesn’t have a high enough volume of past applicants, Nurture Recommendations makes it easy to add "Similar Jobs" so you can source from a larger talent pool.

If you’re looking at recommendations for a posting and want to see more candidates, click the "Get more candidates" link to start!


A modal will appear prompting you to add jobs that are similar to the one you’re sourcing for. When you add a similar job, Lever will include past applicants from those ‘Similar jobs’ alongside your original recommendations. Click the blue ‘Add similar job’ button to select the posting to add:


Use the posting drop down to search for, and select, jobs that might have a shared talent pool. If, for example, you’re hiring for a Lead Product Manager role, you might want to add your Assistant Product Manager jobs or Product Manager internship as a "Similar job." Past applicants to those jobs are likely to be good candidates for the Product Manager role.



Once you’ve added the role, you’ll see it appear in light blue below the original job. From there, click ‘Update’ to see your new, combined, recommendations:


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