How do I create and edit a job posting? Which users can do so?


To create a job posting, begin on your job posting home page and click the blue “+Add job posting” button in the upper right hand corner.


 Who can create a job posting?


Users with the access role of Super Admin, Admin, and Team Member can create new job postings, and edit all fields on those job postings during creation.

How do I create a new job posting?

Begin by filling in the job posting Title, Location, Department / team, Commitment, Owner, Hiring Manager, and Followers.   2___Job_posting___Screen_8.png

Next, you’ll have the opportunity to choose whether this job posting should be External, Internal, External & Internal,  or Unlisted. This will allow you to decide which audience can view the job posting. If you simply click the “X” button on the upper left hand corner of the job posting, it will save your work as a Draft job posting.Screen_Shot_2018-12-13_at_1.50.53_PM.png

After filling in the job description, you’ll also have the opportunity to customize the Custom Application Questions, Internal Notes, and Interview Process.2___Job_posting___Screen_17.png

How do I get approval for my new job posting?

An Admin or Super Admin can set up approvals for your job postings in your Approval Settings page. If approvals have been established, then when clicking the blue “Next” button in the upper right hand corner of the job posting, you’ll be brought to the pre-established job posting approval workflow.2___Job_posting___Screen_10_copy.png

Add an optional note to the approval and click “Request approval” to send it away! Your approvers will receive an email with the details of the job posting so that they can approve it. Alternatively, if your approvers are Team Members, Admins, or Super Admins, they can approve the new job posting in-app.

Once all approvals have been received, you’ll be able to go to the next screen to complete the job posting workflow.


How do I publish my job posting to job boards?

Your job posting is live. Throw the confetti! Now, back to business.

To publish your job posting to job boards, you can click the “Add a job board” button at the bottom of the third and final step within your job posting creation workflow. If you’d like to post all external job postings directly to LinkedIn or Glassdoor, your account’s Super Admin can set this up within your Integration Settings. Internal-Only and Unlisted jobs will not be sent to job boards in any situation.


Lastly, you can now click to view your external job posting on your Lever-hosted jobs site, or to edit the posting to make changes. If you use the Lever Postings API to publish your jobs directly onto your company’s website, you should now see your job posting live there (assuming you set the job posting’s status as “External”, and not “Unlisted”!).

Who can edit a job posting?


As a Super Admin or an Admin or Team Member with Sensitive Information Privileges for an existing job posting, you can edit any field on that posting, including:

  • Categories
    • Dept / Team
    • Location
    • Work type
  • Stakeholders
    • Owner
    • Hiring Manager

As an Admin or Team Member who does not have Sensitive Information Privileges but is the job posting's Owner or Hiring Manager, you can edit either stakeholder field (Owner or Hiring Manager). If you attempt to remove yourself from being an Owner or Hiring Manager, you will receive a confirmation message before doing so.


After removing yourself from being an Owner or Hiring Manager, you will no longer be able to edit any Stakeholder fields:


Editing categories with partial Sensitive Information Privileges

As an Admin or Team Member with partial Sensitive Information Privileges, you can only edit a posting's categories to other categories that you've been granted Sensitive Information Privileges for. Because both candidate access and Sensitive Information are enforced based on a posting's categories, this restriction ensures that neither can be escalated or changed improperly and that updates are made only by users that have been trusted with Sensitive Information Privileges for both the existing and the new categories.

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