What should I know about scheduling and rescheduling in Lever? (Office 365)

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This integration is only available to teams that are entirely based on Office 365 and are not using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you aren’t sure about your company’s configuration, please reference this help article and/or ask a member of your IT team to reach out to us. This integration is not compatible with Office 365 GCC High at this time.

Scheduling is an integral part of the hiring process, and Lever has taken great care to design the experience around it. Nevertheless, there are natural variances between our integrations with different third-party calendar providers. This article will walk Lever customers using our Office 365 integration through our scheduler’s nuances.

Before we get started, make sure that you’ve checked the "Calendar" box on your account permissions page:


Checking these permissions boxes ensures that we can integrate with your Office 365 account.

After doing this, we will sync with your Office 365 account, which allows us to understand what your account has permission to access. This will enable us to show you things like conference rooms and an interviewer’s calendar.

Now, let’s walk through a couple of points that may arise when you’re scheduling interviews:

1. On the first step of the scheduler, you will see a "Location" field where you can see a list of resources. While this list will typically show you conference rooms, it may also show you users or other team members who don’t have Lever accounts. To work around this, we recommend that your Office 365 administrator go into Office 365 and insert the word "Room" somewhere in the name of all conference room resources. This will then allow you to filter your "Location" field in Lever’s scheduler by the word “Room” and find all conference rooms!

2. Your selection in the "Location" field will appear as an attendee on the calendar event and not as the event location. Rest assured, the conference room will still be booked if it’s available!


3. At this time, Office 365 interprets a change to an event description as a change for all event attendees. So when you reschedule an interview (which usually changes the event description), all interviewers will be notified of the changes. 

As such, on this screen in the rescheduling flow, you will not see any interviewer notification options:


4. When viewing your colleagues’ calendars to see if they’re available for interviews, we will only show you that they’re "Busy". We won’t show details about their calendar events — this reflects the existing behavior in Outlook calendar. Learn more about our Availability Finder in this help article.

5. We don't enable or control calendar invite reminders from our side, so don't forget to set them up in your Office 365 account settings! Learn more about how to do this by reviewing this article.

And that’s just about it — if you have any additional questions about scheduling with Office 365, shoot us a note and we’d be happy to help.

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