How do I share candidates?

Please note: We will be rolling external sharing out to our customers gradually over the coming weeks. Contact our support team for further information!

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plans Enterprise, Professional, Starter, Legacy

You can share promising or interesting candidates with:

  1. Internal teammates who are logging into the same Lever instance as you, as well as
  2. People outside of your Lever instance.

Get started by selecting all of the candidates that you'd like to share. You can select individual candidates by manually checking the box to the left of the candidate, or you can use the check box below the pipeline and above the candidates to select (or de-select) all of the candidates in your current view.


Tip: Use the filters on the left, in addition to choosing a specific stage or pipeline, to make finding and selecting your desired candidates even easier.

Once you've selected the candidate or candidates that you'd like to share, click the "Share" button so that you can choose who you'd like to share with.


You can share candidates with either internal teammates from within your Lever instance or anybody externally, so long as you have their email address. You can even share candidates with internal teammates and external users at the same time!

If you'd like to share candidates with internal teammates, you can easily select them from the dropdown in the "Recipients" field. Start typing their name to find them even more quickly!

If you want to share candidates with someone outside of your Lever instance, simply type in their email address. To add multiple external recipients, you can separate them with a comma or by pressing Enter.

You can also add a message if you'd like to give your recipients any additional context about the candidates that you're sharing with them. If sharing internally, the message will be added as a note to the candidates' profiles.

You can even give the batch of candidates a rating on the thumbs up or down scale. If sharing internally, the rating will be added to each of the candidates' profiles.


Once you've added your recipients and any desired messages and/or ratings, just click the "Send" button to share the candidates!

It's important to note that the emails your recipients receive will differ slightly, depending on whether they are internal teammates or external users.

Emails to Internal Teammates

Internal teammates will receive an email notification from Lever with all of the following information (if available):

  1. Your note
  2. Each candidate’s name
  3. Each candidate’s former organization(s)
  4. A link to each candidate’s resume
  5. A link to view each candidate’s Lever profile

Your teammates can reply directly to the email notification, which will both send a notification to you and also leave a nested comment within the note on the candidate profile.


When you share candidates with teammates who are Interviewers in Lever, they will receive a slightly different version of the internal share email.


Emails to External Email Addresses

Any recipients outside of your Lever instance will receive an email notification from the email address associated with your Lever account with all of the following information (if available):

  1. Your note
  2. Each candidate’s name
  3. Each candidate’s former organization(s)
  4. Attachment of each candidate’s resume

These external users can reply directly to the email, which will go to the email address associated with your Lever account. However, notes and conversations with external recipients will not be recorded on the candidate profile.


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