What is a Lever instance?

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When you log into Lever, you are logging into a specific “instance” of Lever. Largely synonymous with “account,” a Lever instance is the shared space used for recruiting and hiring by all of your teammates who are also logging into that same instance or account. An email address can only be registered and used to log into a single Lever instance.

In most cases, an organization or company will only have one Lever instance that the whole organization shares and uses for all of their hiring needs. And in most cases, that one instance will only need or use one email domain because everyone within the organization has an email address with the same domain.

Tip: For example, here at Lever, we have one instance registered with our lever.co domain!

However, Lever also supports organizations that require more a bit more flexibility.

Multi-instance: Lever supports configurations in which the same email domain can be used in completely different instances, with their own Lever-hosted job site, candidate pools, pipeline, users, and everything in between.

A “multi-instance” configuration could be necessary for a variety of reasons, but there are two particularly common cases:

  • Even if a parent organization only has one email domain for all employees, they might want to have separate Lever instances for their different, fairly independent subsidiaries.
  • Departments, units, offices, or affiliates of a much broader parent organization might decide to purchase and use Lever completely independently.

Multi-domain: Lever can also set up “multi-domain” instances that can be shared by users and teammates with multiple different email domains. For example, some of our international customers require an instance that their employees can all log into, despite having email addresses with different domains (e.g., .com, .fr, or .co.uk).

Please note: While the same domain can potentially belong to multiple different instances and an instance can potentially use multiple different domains, a given individual email address can only ever belong to a single instance.

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