How do I schedule an interview using Lever's Easy Book feature?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plan Available for all plans using GSuite or Office 365 to schedule through Lever

Please note:This feature is not available to customers using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you aren’t sure about your company’s configuration, please ask a member of your IT team to reach out to us.

Lever’s Easy Book feature allows recruiters to spend less time coordinating interview times with candidates, and more time delivering a top-notch candidate experience. Easy Book lets recruiters share interviewers’ calendar availability with candidates, and allows candidates to schedule time directly to the interviewers’ calendars! It’s a great way to schedule 1-1 interviews like Phone Screens or Offer Reviews.

Creating an Easy Book link

To start sending Easy Book links to candidates, you first need to configure your first link. You can configure different links depending on who you want the candidate to interview with or how long the interview should last.
First, navigate to Easy Book’ under Settings, and click the + New Link’ in the top right corner.
Give your link a name - typically you’ll want to create a different link for each role or interview process. In the above example, we’ve done it by posting and position. The link name will not be shown to candidates.  
Then, choose how long the candidate interview will last when created using this link. You will also need to choose the feedback form that should automatically be associated with events created from this link.
Once you’ve set those fields, you’re ready to add interviewers to your link. You will only be able to add interviewers who have synced their calendar availability in Lever - you will see an error otherwise, but will still be able to save the link. If Lever is unable to get the availability for all of the selected interviewers on the link, the candidate will see an error message.
Once you’ve selected your first interviewer, you’ll see options to choose the time range on each day during which the candidate will be able to schedule the interview. This prevents candidates from scheduling a 3am event with you! In addition, candidates will never be able to schedule over existing Busy’ events on your calendar.
You can also add additional interviewers, each with their own availability times. 

Tip: Lever will combine the available times of all of the interviewers on a given link, and present those options to the candidate. If the candidate chooses a time in which multiple interviewers are available, the first (top) interviewer will take precedence.



Next, choose a calendar under Add events to calendar’. This will be the calendar that the candidate and interviewer events appear on. Every Easy Book link will create two events - one candidate event that the candidate is invited to, and another event just for the interviewer. The calendar invite to the candidate will come from the user that sent the Easy Book link. 


Please note: Easy Book adds calendar events directly to the calendar selected under 'Add events to calendar' - please ensure you have permission to add events directly to the personal or shared calendar you select! If your access to that calendar is revoked, it will automatically select your personal calendar to schedule to.


Then, use ‘Expires after to set how long you want the link to be active for the candidate once it’s been sent. For the above example, if you email an Easy Book link to a candidate, the candidate will have 3 days to use the link to schedule an event before it expires. Candidates will see an expiration warning if they try to access the link after it has expired.
Link settings section of Easy book link generator with drop down menus for calendar, expiry date, offered time range and minimum scheduling notice.
‘Offered time range’ lets you control how many days into the future the candidate can schedule their interview. In the above example, the candidate would be able to schedule an interview up to 20 days in the future - the calendar would appear unavailable beyond that.
‘Minimum scheduling notice’ allows recruiters to prevent candidates from scheduling an interview with too little notice. In the above example, the candidate will be unable to schedule an event within 36 hours of when they are scheduling.
Once you’ve set your link settings, you’re ready to Save Changes’. You’ll see your new Easy Book link appear under Mine’ in the Easy Book link settings. 
To get a glimpse of what will be shown to the candidate, press the ellipsis in the top right corner, and choose Preview Link. 
Now that you’ve created your link, you’re ready to share it with candidates to schedule interviews!

Sending an Easy Book link

When you’re ready to reach out to a candidate to set up an interview time, navigate to the candidate’s Lever profile, and click the Email’ icon at the top of the page. Enter the message you want to include with your link and press Easy Book to select a link to include. 
Tip: It’s often helpful to give a quick explanation for what the link is for to help guide candidates. “Here’s a link you can use to schedule time with us:…”
You’ll see a list of My Links’ in the dropdown - select the appropriate link for the candidate, and it will be automatically inserted where your cursor is!
Note:  Lever currently only supports one Easy Book link per e-mail. If you want to send links for multiple different recruiters to the same candidate, try adding alternate interviewers to your Easy Book template”
Once you send the email, you’ll see a banner on the candidate profile that shows the role the interview is associated with, and how long until the link expires:
You’ll also see the following icon when viewing the candidate from the candidates dashboard:



Adding an Easy Book link to an email template

To make the process quicker, you may choose to insert your Easy Book links into an email template. Each candidate will receive a unique link, even if used to bulk-email multiple candidates. Just make sure you insert the right link into the correct template!
Please note, each Easy Book Link is unique and cannot be shared across your team. Because of this, one can not create a team template with an Easy Book Link for all users to access. 


Candidate Experience

Once the candidate opens your Easy Book link, they’ll be prompted to enter their email address. The candidate must enter the email associated with their Lever candidate profile to be able to schedule an event through the link:
Once they enter the correct email, they’ll be able to see all available time slots, and can click their desired time to select it:
Once selected, they’ll be asked to confirm the time.  They can also update or add their preferred phone number; this will be the location’ for the scheduled event:
Once done, they'll see a confirmation page with details for the interview they just scheduled:
On the candidate profile, the banner will now appear as:
Pressing 'Reschedule' will bring you to the standard Lever scheduling flow.
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