How do I enable and use the HackerRank CodePair integration?

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Lever’s HackerRank CodePair integration allows recruiters and coordinators to quickly and easily generate CodePair assessments to gauge a candidate’s coding and problem solving abilities. All you’ll need is a Lever account and a CodePair account.

Please note: In order to use the HackerRank integration, you must have a "Recruitment" license with HackerRank. Development licenses are not supported.

1. Turn on the integration
Start by navigation to Settings → Integrations → Webhooks. 
Under Webhook signing token, copy your Signature Token’”
Then, hop back to the Partner Integrations’ tab within the Integrations section, and find the HackerRank CodePair integration under Interviewing’:
Click Generate New Key’ - save this key! Once you click Done, you will not have access to it again.
Take your newly generated API key and your Webhook URL to HackerRank. In HackerRank, go to Settings’, then click on API Access’ on the left navigation column. Scroll down to the Lever section, and enter your Webhook URL and your API key to their respective fields:
Once you do, you’ll see a Webhook URL appear in HackerRank - copy this URL and add it as a Webhook in Lever under Settings → Integrations → Webhooks under the Candidate Stage Change’ option. Make sure your Webhook toggle is turned on:
Press Verify. Once verified you’ll see a check appear next to the Verify’ button. You can include or remove the 'https://' from HackerRank - both will work!
2. Create a candidate assessment
The HackerRank CodePair integration will look for candidates with the HackerRank CodePair’ tag applied to them. 
To add the tag to a candidate, you just need to navigate to the candidate profile, and add the tag under the Add Tag’ section. Once the tag is added, the next time the candidate has a stage change, a link with HackerRank icon will be generated under Links’. Candidates must have a Name and an Email for the link to be added. It may take a short while for the CodePair create link to appear:
You can also add the tag to a job posting so that the tag is automatically applied to candidates who apply to that job. This is useful if you use HackerRank to assess all applicants to a given posting. New candidates who apply will have an assessment link created for them immediately. 
To do this, navigate to your Jobs tab, and select the posting that you’d like to add the tag to. Once you’re brought into the posting editor, and you’ll see a section on the right menu for Tags’ - add HackerRank CodePair’ there. All subsequent applicants will automatically have the tag applied to their profile!
Once a recruiter clicks on the create link, they will be brought to create a CodePair interview.
Once created, HackerRank will add an Interview URL’ and Report URL’ to the Links’ section of the candidate profile.
Additionally, your interviewer and candidate will each receive invitations to take the CodePair assessment.
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