How do I hide a hired candidate’s information after they become a Lever user?

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Just hired an important employee who needs to be a Super Admin in Lever? Super Admins can access all hired candidate profiles, so you might be worried that they can read their own feedback and notes. Have no fear—you can prevent any user, regardless of access level, from seeing their own hiring details!

We’re able to do this by looking at which hired candidate profile is associated with the user. Let’s explore two ways that you can create this association!

Method #1: Add a new user

Adding your new employee to Lever is the best time to associate their Lever user account with their hired candidate profile.

As a Super Admin or Admin, navigate over to your Team settings page and click on the blue "Add new user" button in the upper right-hand corner.


A screen will pop up that lets you fill in the user’s email address and full name. Beneath this is where you’ll associate the user with their hired profile!


The search results will show the relevant results for candidates who are archived as "hired". Click the blue "link" button next to the appropriate profile to create the connection.


If you accidentally select the wrong profile, simply click "Edit" on the selected result, then "Unlink".


Then proceed with the rest of your user setup!

Method #2: Update an existing user

On your Team settings page, you may notice alert symbols next to a user’s access role for users who are not Interviewers. This alert will tell you which users aren’t linked to their hired candidate profiles. If the user is a Super Admin or becomes a Super Admin, this means they will be able to see their own hired profile.


Click anywhere on the user’s row, and a screen will pop up that lets you edit the user and search for their hired profile! This process is the same as the first method.

What does someone see when they look at a hired profile?

When a user views a hired profile linked to their Lever user, they will see an error message, like the one shown in this screenshot:


If you are a Super Admin and you are viewing a hired profile that is not linked to your Lever user, then you can see everything on the profile.

If you are an Admin, Team Member, or Limited Team Member, you will see the limited view shown above, just with a different error message: "Full details of hired candidates are only visible to Super Admins."

Users with an Interviewer role do not have access to profiles, so they cannot view hired profiles.

What type of information is visible on a hired profile?

If you are not a Super Admin, the following pieces of information are the only ones visible to you:

  • Candidate name
  • Headline (this is the field beneath the candidate name, which is usually populated with previous companies)
  • Profile owner
  • Hired date
  • Origin
  • Profile tags
  • Source tags
  • Email addresses (After a candidate profile is associated with a Lever user, we will add the Lever user’s email address to the profile.)
  • Location
  • Profile links
  • Phone numbers
  • The option to connect the profile to LinkedIn Recruiter, if the integration is enabled
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