How do I push candidates to Click Boarding to kick off new hire onboarding?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, and Limited Team Members. Can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Officially hired a candidate? Want to make their onboarding as painless as possible for everyone involved? Make it easy on yourself and for your new hires by enabling the integration with Click Boarding. As soon as you've marked a candidate as hired in Lever, their information will be automatically sent over to Click Boarding where you can start setting up their own personalized and relevant onboarding experience.

Here's how to set up the integration:

  • You must be a Super Admin and have your ClickBoarding webhook configuration URL to enable this integration.
  • Go to Lever’s integrations settings page.
  • Click the toggle next to Click Boarding’s logo.


  • Generate an API key for that integration partner. You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with Click Boarding will authorize.


  • Grab that newly generated API key from Lever.


  • You'll also need to grab your Lever webhook signing token from the Webhooks tab.


  • Next, you'll need to send the Click Boarding team your API key and the webhook signing token so that they can set up the integration—please reach out to your Click Boarding account rep for the exact details on secure transmission.
  • Add the webhook configuration URL to the "Candidate hired" or or the “Candidate Stage Change” section of the Webhooks tab, and then click the "Verify" button to confirm that the webhook is configured correctly. If you are unsure which one to use, please ask your Click Boarding account rep.



  • Now, when you're using Lever, as soon as you mark a candidate as hired or the candidate stage changes, the candidate will automatically be pushed from Lever to Click Boarding so that you can start configuring their onboarding process. Work with your Click Boarding account rep to configure all the data that needs to be passed from Lever to Click Boarding. Here's a candidate in Lever:


  • ...and here's what this candidate looks like once pushed to your Click Boarding Action Center:




A candidate profile must have a candidate's name, email address, and phone number to be ported over to Click Boarding. If you’re missing any one of these three fields at the time of hire, you can edit the profile, and then manually re-run the webhook!

Check out Click Boarding's video on the Click Boarding-Lever integration to learn even more about the benefits of combining these two platforms.

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