How does Lever’s Office 365 email sync work?



This integration is only available to teams that are entirely based on Office 365 and are not using any on-premise Exchange servers. If you aren’t sure about your company’s configuration, please reference this help article and/or ask a member of your IT team to reach out to us. This integration is not compatible with Office 365 GCC High at this time.

There are many components to our Office 365 integration: login, email, and scheduling. In this article, we will discuss how to email candidates using your Office 365 account.

How do I send and receive emails from/to my Office 365 account?

This is an opt-in feature. Lever only syncs email with your permission. We use an authentication standard named “OAuth”, so we do not receive or store your Office 365 credentials.

Just tick the “Email” permissions box on your account settings page. After you hit the “save changes” button, we’ll show you an Office 365 screen through which you can authorize us to send emails on your behalf.

Once permissions have been set up, you’re ready to send and receive emails!


When you send an email to a candidate, we will send the email using the Office 365 account that you gave us permission to email from. (We cannot send emails from email aliases.) You’ll see these emails in your Office 365 “Sent” folder. When the candidate replies to your email, you’ll see their response in your Office 365 inbox.

Tip: We assign a “Lever” category to each message in an email thread started from Lever. Categories can be used to filter your emails in Outlook! You can assign a color to the “Lever” category by right-clicking on the message, selecting “Categorize”, and hitting “Manage Categories” (the exact instructions and screenshot will vary by client). From there, choose to add a new category named “Lever”.


What is synced?

On the candidate profile, we’ll display any emails sent to a candidate from Lever’s interface. If the candidate responds to an email sent from Lever, we’ll display their response as well.

To sync conversations that occurred outside of Lever, go to the candidate’s profile and click on the refresh symbol next to the candidate’s email address. You can also navigate to the profile’s “Emails” tab and click on the “import candidate email” button to accomplish the same refresh.

When you do this, we will check your Office 365 account’s “Inbox” folder to find and sync any unsynced email threads between you and the candidate. Anyone who has access to a candidate profile can sync their emails with that candidate! 

Because Lever syncs directly with your "Inbox" folder, messages routed to different subfolders in O365 will not sync, so it's best to ensure a copy of the email is received in your "Inbox" folder even if you'd like to send a copy to other subfolders as well. 

Can I sync emails other members of my team has received?

Lever can’t sync with someone’s Office 365 inbox without their permission. After a team member has granted us permission to sync emails, they can navigate to any profile they can access and manually import their conversations with a candidate.

I’m not seeing any emails from a candidate I know I’ve emailed.

Please make sure that the email address on the candidate’s profile in Lever matches the one in your Office 365 sent folder. Then try following the earlier instructions for syncing emails.

How do I make an email secret in Lever?

Just like notes and feedback forms, you can make emails secret by clicking on the lock icon. The ‘secret’ mode is applied to the entire thread and makes it visible to only to the person making the email secret, email participants, Super admins, and Admins. It’s not possible to make individual emails inside a thread secret.


How do I remove an email thread from a candidate profile?

Lever will never delete any emails from your Office 365 account. Clicking the trash icon next to the email will remove the email from the candidate profile, but keep the original intact in your email inbox.

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