How do I add standardized opening and closing sections to my job postings?

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Instead of copying and pasting paragraphs across your job postings, you can set up templates for standardized opening and closing sections of your job posting descriptions within your job site settings.

You can set up standardized text paragraphs to apply to all job postings, or you can set up opening and closing sections that are based on departments, teams, locations, or combinations. These templates can include rich text and links.

To get started, click the "Add defaults for all postings" button!


To add a template for a specific group of postings, click "Add template for a specific dept/team" and choose the relevant department, team, and/or location.



If you only want to add a template for an opening paragraph and want to let each of the relevant postings have its own closing (or vice versa), you will have to check a box confirming so before you can create or update the job posting template.


When you’re satisfied with a given job posting template, click "Create" or "Update" to proceed. Upon clicking the button, you’ll be shown the number of postings that will be affected—you can even view all of those postings in a new window by clicking the "Show postings" link. To confirm and save your changes to a template, simply click the new button within the confirmation window.


Whenever you create or edit a job posting, you’ll be able to see if a relevant opening or closing will be added to the posting description.


Please note: A template for a specific team within a department will take priority over a template for an entire department in a specific location. For example, you might have one template for the Design team within the Product department and one template for the Product department in San Francisco. Your job posting for a Product Designer in San Francisco will use the Product - Design template as opposed to the Product in San Francisco template.

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