How do I set up job posting approvals?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins
Plans Enterprise, Professional
Approving job postings quickly is a crucial part of keeping the applications coming in and making sure your recruiting team is on track to hit hiring goals. Time spent running around asking for approvals could be spent recruiting! Lever’s posting approval process ensures that all stakeholders have approved each posting before it’s published on your Lever job site.

How do I build a posting approval chain?

In Lever, you can create a default approval process for all postings, or create an approval chain for specific teams, locations, or work types. 
To create an approval chain, navigate to the Settings page, then click on the Approval section, and select the Postings tab
Once there, click to add a default approval. The Posting Hiring Manager is automatically added as an approver, and you can add/delete more approvers from a dropdown menu. If you have more than one approver, you can choose the required number of approvers for that step.
You can add additional steps to the approval chain by clicking Add Approval Step. Once you’ve set the correct number of approvers and approval steps, click Save Changes to set that approval chain as the default for all job postings.
To create an approval chain for a specific team, location, or work type, click Add Posting Approval at the bottom of the page. Start by choosing what specific combination of location, team/department, or work type to apply your new posting approval chain to. 
Click Create to start building your chain using custom criteria, and click Save Changes once you’re done. This will override the default approval process for any jobs that match your criteria.

How do I request approval for a job posting?

First, navigate to your job postings home page. Click to create a new posting, and fill in all of the necessary details.
After entering your posting details, click Next to send the posting to your predefined stakeholders for approval. Once you press Request Approval, Lever will send an email with all of the essential posting details to your approvers, including a custom note if you write one. And you can count on Lever to send those emails out in the right order at the right time.

How does someone approve or deny a job posting approval request?

There are two different ways to approve or deny a posting approval request:
1. Via email - each individual on the approval chain will receive an email prompting them to approve the posting that you just created. Here’s an example of what that email will look like.
2. In app - if the approver is an Admin or a Super Admin, then the approver can choose to approve or deny each posting within Lever’s postings home page.
Approving the new posting is easy -- simply click the Approve button!
If the user chooses to Deny the posting’s approval, they will be prompted to add a reason for denial.

What happens after a job posting is approved or denied?

If a request has been denied, you can find the posting under the "Rejected" status in the lefthand sidebar. Here, you can review the reason why the request was denied. You can then create a new posting that incorporates the feedback from the approvers.
If a posting is approved, you will be able to see a clear green banner on the approvals screen indicating that approval has been granted. As soon as a posting has fully been approved, your posting will go live as Published or Internal, depending on the status you selected when you first created the posting draft.
Clicking on the Next button brings you to the Complete screen, where you can choose to link job boards to your posting.
Once you’ve created the posting, you can associate requisitions to the posting by clicking on it from the job postings home page.
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