How do I set up job posting approvals?

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Approving job postings quickly is a crucial part of keeping the applications coming in and making sure your recruiting team is on track to hit hiring goals. Time spent running around asking for approvals could be spent recruiting! Lever’s posting approval process ensures that all stakeholders have approved each posting before it’s published on your Lever job site. Readers of this article will be able to:

Building a posting approval chain

In Lever, you can create a default approval process for all postings as well as approval chains for specific teams, locations, or work types. To create an approval chain, navigate to Settings > Approvals and select the Postings tab.

Postings page of Approvals section in Settings.

Next, click + Add Default Posting Approval. The Hiring Manager on the posting is automatically added as an approver. You can add more approvers via the dropdown menu that appears when you click into the approval field. If you have more than one approver, you can choose the required number of approvers for that step. You can add additional steps to the approval chain by clicking Add Approval Step. Once you have set the correct number of approvers and approval steps, click Save Changes to set that approval chain as the default for all job postings.

Default posting approval workflow editor.

To create an approval chain for a specific team, location, or work type, click + Add Posting Approval under. the For specific teams, locations, or work types header. Choose the specific combination of location, team/department, or work type criteria for the postings to which you want the approval chain to apply. Click Create to start building your chain using custom criteria, and click Save Changes once you are done.

Posting approval workflow editor for specific teams, locations, or work types.


Team, location, and work type-specific approval chains will override the default approval process for any job postings that match their criteria.

Requesting approval for a job posting

You can request approval for a job posting as part of the posting creation process. Navigate to the Jobs page in Lever, fill in the necessary fields in the posting editor and click Create Posting

Posting editor with arrow pointing to Create Posting button.

If applicable, associate an interview plan with the posting and click Next. On the Approvals step, you will be shown the approval chain applied to the posting, based on the default or team, location, and work type-specific approval chains configured in your Settings.

Approval step in posting editor.

Once you click Request Approval, Lever will send an email containing the posting details to the  approvers in the order that they are listed in the chain.

Approving and rejecting posting approval requests

There are two ways to approve or reject a posting approval request:

1. Email

Each individual in the approval chain will receive an email prompting them to approve or reject the proposed posting. Below is close-up of what an approval request email looks like. Note that, although not shown in the image, the email also contains all relevant posting details and description fields.

Posting approval email with buttons to approve posting or ask a question.

2. In-App

If the approver is has Admin or Super Admin access in Lever, they will have the ability to approve or reject the posting by opening the posting editor and navigating to the Approval step.

Approval request in posting editor.


Approvers that deny an approval request will be required to provide a reason in order to submit the rejection.

Locating approved and rejected job postings

Rejected job postings can be located by clicking the Rejected filter in the lefthand sidebar of the postings dashboard. In the posting editor, the creator of the job posting will see the reason the posting was rejected. They can then implement changes addressing the reason for rejection before discarding the prior approval and submitting a new request for approval.

Denied approval notice in posting editor.

Approved job postings will move directly to the appropriate category (External, Internal, and/or Unlisted) in the Open jobs section of the postings dashboard in accord with job posting distribution you specified when creating the posting. The approval will be recorded in the approval history, visible in the posting editor.

Approval history for approved posting in posting editor.

Once approved, you can take further actions with the posting just as adding the posting to a job board or associating the posting with a requisition.

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