How do I embed a tracking pixel in my Lever-hosted jobs site?

Please note: We will be rolling this update out to our customers gradually over the coming weeks. Contact our support team for further information!

Tracking pixels are available to all Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers.
Super admins and Admins can add tracking pixels.

To embed a tracking pixel on your Lever-hosted job site, go to your job site settings page. Under the optional "Tracking" section, you can add up to ten image tracking pixels from third-party partners that will allow you to track candidate conversions on your job postings. Please make sure to click "Save Changes" in the top right corner after adding your tracking pixels!


The tracking pixels you add here will be embedded within the final confirmation page after a candidate has submitted an application to any of your job postings.

Please note: Lever will only accept image tracking pixels, and will not accept iframes or scripts.

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