How do I ensure that I have Lever’s latest Google Calendar integration updates?

Note: these instructions only apply to G Suite users who who have received a direct prompt to read this article. If you’ve received the prompt in your account and successfully reset your G Suite connection since May 11, 2017, then your account already has Lever’s latest Google Calendar integration updates.



We’ve made backend updates to our integration with Google Calendar!

To receive these updates, you must refresh your Lever account’s connection to your G Suite account. To do so, please navigate to your Lever account settings page and follow the steps below:

1. Uncheck all three Permissions boxes (Contacts, Calendar, Email)

2. Click "Save Changes"

3. Re-check all three Permissions boxes

4. Click "Save Changes"

5. You'll be taken to Google to update your settings. Re-authenticate your permissions by clicking on "Allow".


(You may not see everything that is shown in this screenshot.)

6. You will then return to Lever. Refresh the tab that you have Lever open in, and you're all set!

Any questions at all? Don’t hesitate to write to our support team!

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