How do I set up requisition approvals?

Available for User roles Super Admins and Admins
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Getting requisition approval requests out to finance and HR stakeholders as quickly as possible is critical in keeping up with your hiring goals. With Lever’s requisition approval feature, your requisitions will be approved in record time. Lever empowers you to create customizable requisition approval workflows to ensure that each stakeholder finance, HR, etc. is on board with the requisition you’ve requested. Here’s how:

How do I build a requisition approval chain?

Only Super Admins and Admins can create requisition approval chains and create requisitions. First, navigate to the Settings page. Then, click on the Approvals section and the Requisitions tab, right next to Offers. 
Enabling a default approval workflow will allow Team Members and Limited Team Members to request requisitions to be approved, so we recommend starting with this step. 
Click to add a default approval. Add each stakeholder as an approver, and add as many approvers as you'd like to the chain. You can choose if all need to approve, or if just one of the approvers at each level of the chain needs to approve. 
Click "Save" changes when you're done. 
Get granular: build custom requisition approval chains by department / team, by location, and by work type or all three!
Dynamic Requisition Approver: Within requisition approvals, you have the ability to define user picklist fields. These user picklist fields are filled out when creating a requisition.
To use this new token, add your custom Requisition Approver(s) in your Requisition settings by clicking +Add New Field and entering the Approver Field and field ID.
Then, you can add your new Requisition Approver(s) to your Requisition approval chain. 
Now, when a user creates a Requisition, the "requisition approver" user picklist field is an available picklist. Whoever is selected will be added to the approval chain.



How do I request approval for a requisition?

First, go to your requisitions home page. Click to create a new requisition:
Create a requisition by filling in all of the necessary details within the requisition creation workflow:
After entering in each of your requisition details, you can then send that requisition along to your predefined stakeholders for their approval. Lever will generate an email with all of the essential requisition details to your approvers. And you can count on Lever to send those emails out in the right order at the right time. 
How does someone approve or deny a requisition approval request?


There are two different ways to approve or deny a requisition approval request:
Via email Each individual on the approval chain will receive an email prompting them to approve the requisition that you just created. The email will contain completed fields in the requisition form. In the case that job postings were linked in the requisition creation process, these linked postings will also appear in the Requisition approval request email for easy reference. 
Here’s an example of what that email will look like: 

In-app  If the approver is an Admin or Super Admin, then the approvers can choose to approve or deny each requisition within Lever’s Requisitions home page. 

Approving the new requisition is easy: simply click the approve” button!
If the user chooses to Deny the requisition’s approval, they will be prompted to add a reason for denial.

What happens after a requisition is approved or denied?

After a requisition is approved, you will be able to see a clear green banner from the approvals screen, indicating that approval has been granted. As soon as all approvals have been granted, your requisition is now officially open!
Clicking on the Next button brings you to the final screen, where you can choose to link your requisition to one or more job postings. 
Here’s what a requisition looks like when linked to one or more job postings. 
If a request has been denied, you can find the requisition under the "Rejected" filter in the lefthand sidebar. Here, you can review the reason why the request was denied. You can then create a new requisition that incorporates the feedback from the approvers.


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