How do I view a colleague’s availability for an interview?

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Lever’s Availability Finder makes it easy to see interviewer availability and quickly reshuffle interview panels when needed. Recruiters and coordinators can quickly schedule and reschedule interviewers and conference rooms without ever leaving Lever!

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How do I access the Availability Finder?

First, begin scheduling an interview from either the candidate profile or from the blue Schedule” button on the Candidates page.

Schedule interview button on a Candidate profile

Schedule button in the Candidate pipeline

The date of the interview will automatically be set to the day that you begin creating the interview. Next, select your interviewers from the “Search interviewers” field. Interviewers will be added to the interview panel in the same order that you select them from the dropdown menu. Their names will also be automatically color-coded, according to a variety of colors in our system. (No custom colors just yet!)

Scheduling window with one interview name added interviewer field and a second name highlighted in drop-down menu.



If there is a default interview flow associated with a posting, the default interview slots and feedback will automatically populate in the scheduler. Feedback forms can be added or removed after the default forms have been added.


How do I see interviewers’ calendars?

Once you’ve selected interviewers, click the View availability” button to see the calendars of the interviewers you’ve selected.

Scheduling window with two interviewers selected and arrow pointing to View Availability button to right of interviewer field.

You can add as many interviewers as you need, and we’ll display their calendars side-by-side.  

Lever will notify you if the interviewers are spread across different time zones, and will show all events in the timezone that you have selected for this interview panel. If no timezone is specified, Lever will use your local timezone as that of the interview panel. 

Availability viewer in scheduling window with two interviewer's calendars displayed side by side.

Keep in mind that your colleagues’ Google Calendar sharing permissions will affect whether you can see their calendar. As such, users with private calendars will have their entire column displayed in a dull pink color with an error message that Lever cannot access the calendar in question

Availaiblity viewer with one interviewer's calendar highlighed in pink with informational message noting the interview's calendar could not be loaded.

To see an interviewers schedule and potential conflict, make sure that the interviewer has correctly shared their calendar with you, via their Google Calendar sharing settings. After the interviewer has made any changes to their settings, you can check for updates by clicking on the Refresh button in the bottom-right corner of the Availability Finder viewer.

How do I spot potential conflicts? 

Color coding allows you to quickly see where the interview event you’re scheduling will fit on an interviewer’s calendar. Calendar events that conflict will appear in a dull pink both in the calendar viewer, and below in the panel organizer. An error icon will also appear next to the interviewer’s name.

Availability viewer with proposed interview event highlighted in pink with informational message noting the proposed time conflicts with an existing even in the interviewer's calendar.

Schedulers can also toggle between Day or Week view to avoid scheduling interviews on the busiest day of the week. 

Availability viewer configured to week long display.

How do I rearrange interviews?

If you’ve spotted a conflict and need to shuffle around interviewers, just drag and drop interviewers between event slots! The changes in interview event order will automatically be reflected in the calendar view. Not only can you move interviewers between interview events, but you can also easily move entire events as well. 

As the panel organizer, you can also quickly change interview length, the room each interview will be in, and the feedback form associated with the interview. 

Live image of interview time slots being dragged and dropped into different order, interview template being selected from drop-down menu and then Schedule button is clicked in lower right corner of Scheduling window.

Once you’ve arranged your panel events to avoid conflicts, you’re ready to schedule the event. Click the blue Schedule’ button to preview and send your event invites and calendar notifications!

Office 365 Integration

If you are a new customer on our new Office 365 integration, you'll also have the Availability Finder! This will include all of the aforementioned functionality, but with regards to viewing event details, existing events will only appear as "Busy".

Availability preview with arrow pointing to event in interviewer's calnedar labelled as Busy

If you are an existing customer on Office 365, we will be rolling these updates out over the coming months. Contact our support team for further information!

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