How do I administer Departments, Teams, Locations, and Work types?

Available for User roles Admins, Super Admins
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Ensure that each of your job postings is properly organized by providing candidates with the posting's Department, Team, Location, and Work type.

Navigate to your company settings page to create, rename, and delete options for each of these posting fields. Only Super Admins and Admins can access this page, so your admins can maintain consistency in your job posting data across the company.

While the following instructions apply to the Department, Team, Location, and Work type fields, let’s focus on Work types in this article!

Adding a new option

When you visit the company settings page, you’ll see different tabs for Departments/Teams, Locations, and Work types. Click on the tab for the posting field you’d like to edit, in order to see the available options.

In this example, our available work types are:

  • Contract
  • Full-time
  • Intern
  • Part-time

But say you want another type — just click on the "+ Add work type" button, and type away!



If you have EEO questions enabled on your account, they will be enabled for any newly added locations by default. Make sure to review your EEO configuration in your company settings when you add new locations!

Renaming an option

Click on the "…" button next to the name of the option and hit the "rename" button. Make your revisions, submit your changes, and you’re set!

Any existing postings will be updated with the new option. Additionally, any candidate profiles created after the change will display your updated option. (Existing candidate profiles will retain the old version of the option.)


Deleting an option

Similar to renaming an option, click on the "…" button and select "delete" to remove an option. We’ll pop up a warning just in case. Deleted options cannot be recovered, so be sure before deleting one!


How do I add a Department?

With Departments, you can add a layer of organizational hierarchy above Teams to all of your job postings. If you are adding a department for the first time, the option to get started is at the bottom of the “Teams” tab.


Once you have your hierarchy built out, with Teams nested under the appropriate Departments, it’s simple to rename and delete Departments and Teams. You can also move Teams between Departments and add new Teams directly under a Department.


Where can I see and use this information?

Departments, Teams, Locations, and Work types are visible on your jobs home page, job postings, candidate profiles, and Lever-hosted job page.

Job posting home page

Want to quickly find job postings for a specific team or location? The Advanced Search Filters in your job posting home page allow you to do that. Learn more about working with your job posting home page in this help article.

Job posting

Whether you are creating a posting or editing an existing one, you will see the Department/team, Location, and Work type dropdown menus in the posting editor. If your company uses Departments, we will display the hierarchy of Teams under their respective Departments. This is where you can set the options for each individual posting.


Candidate profile

On the candidate profile, you’ll see the job posting that the candidate is associated with. Under the name of the job posting, you’ll see the Department (if it exists), Team, Location, and Work type. (These are also "posting tags" — learn more about that here!)


Lever-hosted jobs page

Don’t forget — these options are candidate-facing as well!

Candidates can view them at the top of the posting description and application pages:


Candidates can also filter your job page by each option:


If you have any questions about how to manage your Departments, Teams, Locations, and Work types, send our support team a note. We’d be happy to advise you on your configuration!

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