How do I navigate the job posting home page?

If you don’t see this page yet, stay tuned! We are rolling out these changes to Lever accounts over the next few weeks.


Track and manage your team's job postings from your job posting home page.

Super admins, Admins, and Team members all have access to this page, so your team can work together to organize each posting!


After you’ve built out your job postings, we’ve made it easy to find them again. Let’s walk through how you can locate the postings you’re looking for!

Posting states

In the upper lefthand corner, you can filter by different posting states: Published, Internal, Draft, and Closed. Think of this as your default filter. When you visit your job posting home page, you will always be filtering by a posting state.


Underneath this area are our Advanced Search Filters. These filters enable you to drill down to a subset of job postings.

Department and Teams

Filter by a specific Department or Team by selecting the appropriate option from a dropdown menu. (Don’t see the Department or Team that you’re looking for? Add one from your company settings page.)


If your team does not use Departments, you will simply see the names of your teams.


Filter by a specific Location by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown menu.


Posting Owner

In this example, we are only seeing postings that are owned by Jared Allen. We can quickly identify his postings by his avatar, which is displayed next to the Posting Hiring Manager’s avatar.


Your relationship with the posting

Quickly hone in on the postings you care about by clicking on “Just mine”. These postings are:

  • Postings you own
  • Postings you follow
  • Postings you are the hiring manager for



Already have a specific job posting in mind? Use our search bar! We’ll scan the names of Teams, Postings, and Departments (if applicable) and narrow down the results for you.


While filters are immensely useful, it can be easy to lose track of the filters you’ve applied. At any given moment, you can view all applied filters in the top gray bar.

To return to an unfiltered view, just click on the “Clear filter” link or the “X” next to the filter selection!



For an overview of the facelift we’ve made to your job posting home page, watch our brief video:


If we can help you get around your job posting home page, drop our support team a note. We’d be happy to make a few suggestions!

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