How do I import candidates from Scout into Lever?

Find and engage top talent faster with Lever's integration with Scout. Super Admin users can follow these steps to enable the integration:

1. Go to Lever's integration settings page, and click the toggle for Scout.



2. Generate an API key for Scout. You will see exactly what permissions this integration will authorize.



3. Copy the newly generated API key, and click "Done." The integration toggle should turn green to indicate that the integration is fully enabled.



4. From Scout's homepage, click "Settings" and select "Account Settings."



5. Navigate to the integrations tab.



6. Paste your API key under the Lever section. Then, click "Connect."



7. You will see a green sync button to indicate a successful connection.



8. When you are viewing a candidate in Scout, click on the ellipsis icon and select "Add to Lever."

Candidates will be added to Lever with the origin of "Sourced" and under the "New Lead" stage. They will also be labeled with the source of "Scout."
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