How do I import candidates from humanpredictions into Lever?


Find and engage top talent faster with Lever's integration with humanpredictions. Super Admin users can follow these steps to enable the integration:

Step 1: Go to Lever's integration settings page, and click the toggle for humanpredictions.



Step 2: Generate an API key for humanpredictions. You will see exactly what permissions this integration will authorize.



Step 3: Copy the newly generated API key, and click "Done." The integration toggle should turn green to indicate that the integration is fully enabled.



Step 4: Navigate to humanpredictions Integrations page from anywhere in the app by clicking on the "Account" link in the menu bar at the top of the page.



Step 5: Scroll down to the Lever card on the Integrations page and click on the "Connect Lever" button.



Step 6: Paste the Lever API key which you previously copied from Lever's integration settings page and click the "Add" button.



Step 7: You will be returned to the Integrations page where the Lever card will have a green check mark to indicate that your Lever account has been successfully connected to humanpredictions.



Step 8: To export a candidate from humanpredictions to Lever, click on the Lever button from the top of the profile page.



Step 9: From the dropdown box select whether to export the candidate as a lead or into a specific posting.



If you are exporting a candidate to a specific posting, select the desired posting from the autocomplete list of postings you have already created in Lever. Then click the "Export Candidate" button.



Step 10: After you have exported the candidate to Lever, simply click on the now highlighted Lever button on the top of the candidate's humanpredictions profile page and you will be taken to the candidate's profile in Lever with a source of "humanpredictions".


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