How do I import candidates from CodeSignal into Lever?

You can use CodeSignal and Lever together to seamlessly manage your candidates, keeping Lever data in sync with CodeSignal data and vice versa. This integration only needs to be completed by one Super Admin from your company. Follow these steps to implement this integration:

1. Go to Lever's integration settings page, scroll down to the Sourcing section, and click the toggle next to CodeSignal.

2. Generate an API key for CodeSignal. You will see exactly what permissions this integration will authorize.


3. Copy the newly generated API key, and click "Done." The integration toggle will turn green to indicate that the integration with CodeSignal is fully enabled.


4. Go to CodeSignal and navigate to the Integrations page.


5. Click on the Integrate button next to Lever.


6. Paste your API key into the first field on the next window.

7. Next, copy the URL in the Lever Webhook Configuration field and click the link for Lever's webhook sectionFor each of the three options (Candidate Hired, Candidate Stage Change, and Candidate Archive State Change), slide the toggle to “on” and click "+Add webhook".


8. Paste the URL you copied from CodeSignal into each of the three webhook fields, then click "Verify Connection". The button will say "Verified" when the system confirms the connection was successful.


9. On this same page, scroll down and copy the webhook signing token.


10. Return to CodeSignal and paste the webhook signing token in the last field of the Lever integration connection settings modal, then click "Next" to advance to the User Account Mapping screen.




11. You will be prompted to map your CodeSignal users to the corresponding Lever users. This mapping will be used to attribute candidates imported to Lever with the appropriate creator. Once this is done, click "Next" to advance to the Job Stage Mapping screen.

12. On the Job Stage Mapping screen, you will see that your Lever pipeline statuses are automatically mapped to their corresponding CodeSignal statuses. Most customers will not need to make any changes on this screen. When you’re done, click "Save" to complete the setup process.

13. Once your setup is complete, anytime you have messaged a candidate on CodeSignal and they have responded to you, you can click the Lever icon to import the candidate into your Lever instance.


Once imported, a new profile will appear for the candidate under Lever’s New Lead stage. The source will be "CodeSignal". Any pipeline changes that you make to this profile in Lever will be updated in CodeSignal, based on the mapping you defined in the previous integration setup step.


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