How do I enable an e-signature integration with Adobe Sign?

Available for User roles All users. Can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages All Lever packages

Before proceeding, please note the following...

  • The only information that a candidate can submit via Adobe Sign is their signature. No other candidate placeholders can be utilized with Adobe Sign.
  • Adobe Sign’s Enterprise plan is required for this integration (this plan may be listed as "Professional" depending on the device you are using to access Adobe Sign).
  • The Adobe Sign integration is only available for Lever customers on our Professional and Enterprise editions. If you have any questions about your Lever edition, please reach out to Lever Support.
  • Only one e-signature integration can be enabled within a Lever account. If you are currently using DocuSign and are switching to Adobe Sign, please finish sending all in-progress offers before enabling Adobe Sign.

Electronic signing allows candidates to quickly sign offer letters. To expedite your hiring process and keep offer letters in your company’s central document platform, enable our Adobe Sign integration!

Enable this integration in Lever

To enable this integration, you'll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account and an Account Admin of your Adobe Sign account.

1. Navigate to your account's Integrations page in Settings.
2. Click the toggle next to Adobe Sign’s logo.


3. The toggle will appear orange to show that you’re in the middle of the configuration process.
4. Click on the “Authenticate with Adobe Sign” button.


5. You’ll be taken to Adobe Sign, where you’ll enter your credentials and click the “sign in” button.

AS_EnableASCreds.png6. After we verify your Adobe Sign credentials, the green toggle switch will now show you that your Adobe Sign credentials were accepted.AS_AuthedGreen.png

How is sending an offer different with Adobe Sign?

If you haven’t created an offer from Lever before, make sure to start out with this help article about creating an offer and this article about offer letter template guidelines.

During the offer creation process, you’ll see a few Adobe Sign elements.

In the default offer email template, we add the Adobe Sign signature link through the {{Adobe Sign link | here}} placeholder. You can use this placeholder anywhere in the offer email, and change the “here” text to say anything you’d like.


On the last step of the process, you’ll see this information represented in the offer preview:


What does the candidate see?

The candidate will receive the offer email from the person who created the offer. After clicking on the link, they’ll be taken to Adobe Sign, and they will sign where you’ve designated the signature placeholder. They’ll be done in just a few clicks!


How do company signatories sign the offer letter?

Company signatories can only sign the letter after the candidate has signed.

When it’s time, the signatory will receive an email notification from the Adobe Sign account holder (“”). After opening the Adobe Sign link, the signatory will see a prompt to add their signature in the highlighted field:


What happens after the candidate and any signatories have signed the offer letter?

Both the candidate and the Adobe Sign account holder will receive copies of the signed document. If there is a company signatory, they will receive the signed document as well.

Things to note:

  • The date that a candidate signed an offer will be captured in a timestamp on the offer letter. 
  • An audit log is attached to the signed offer letter and sent to the candidate and employees. This log will show when anybody opened and signed the letter.
  • If you would like to edit the Adobe Sign account holder’s name, the account holder can do this from their Adobe Sign profile settings.
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