Requisitions and Requisitions Custom Fields data source fields and definitions


Here is a comprehensive list of the the fields and definitions within the Requisitions and Requisitions Custom Fields data source. 

Field Explanation
_Id Id of the individual requisition
Account Id Id of the account the record belongs to
Requisition Code User defined code for each requisitions
Name Name of the requisition
Status Status of the requisition
Posting Ids Ids of each posting associated with the requisition
Posting Texts String of text title of the postings associated with this requisition
Reserved Offer Ids Ids of each offer that is associated to each available headcount
Created At Time when the requisition was created
Headcount Total Total number of headcount
Headcount Hired Total number of headcount hired
Hiring Manager Name Name of the hiring manager of the requsition
Hiring Manager Id Id of the hiring manager of the requisition
Minimum Compensation Minimum compensation amount
Maximum Compensation Maximum compensation amount
Compensation Currency Currency of the compensation
Compensation Payment Interval Interval at which the compensation is paid out
Committment Commitment level of the requisition (ie: Full Time, Part Time, etc)
Location Location of the requisition
Team Team of the requisition
Hiring Manager Is Active Whether the Lever user who was the hiring manager of the posting associated with this requisition is still active the Lever system
Custom Fields Explanation
Custom Field Name The name describing the data this custom field holds
Custom Field Value The data value of this custom field
Custom Field Index What number custom field this one is in the set of custom fields associated with this requisition
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