How do I subscribe to receive scheduled email updates?

You can subscribe to receive an email containing image(s) of one or all of the dashboards. To do so, login to your Lever Talent Intelligence account, navigate to any dashboard, and click the Subscribe button in the upper right hand corner.


You now have the option to subscribe to This View or Entire Workbook. Subscribing to This View will only send you the dashboard you are currently viewing, where as subscribing to the Entire Workbook will send you an image of all of dashboards.

Important: You will not be able to interact with the sent image (ie: scroll and or click). If some of the content is getting cut-off and you see scroll bars, try increasing the length of the dashboard via the web authoring interface.


There are currently four cadence options for receiving updates. Each morning option will send at 5:00AM PDT.


Lastly, don't forget to edit the subject line to differentiate between your updates!


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